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Course Title Course Description Course Level
Trail Maintenance Workshop

Volunteer painting a trail blaze.

Trail Maintenance is clearing, cleaning, and blazing.  Trail maintainers use small hand tools to clip and cut brush out of the trail, remove debris from drainage structures, and paint or hang the markers used for route finding also known as blazes.

This course helps you gain or brush up on the skills necessary to a Trail Conference Trail Maintainer Volunteer.  Skills include how to clip trail corridor, clean drainage structures, proper blazing techniques, and reporting trail conditions.



Trail Structures Workshop

Gateway on trail leading to a boardwalk.Trail Structures are built to make a trail safer, more sustainable, and more enjoyable.  Types of trail structures include bridges, stairs, walls, stepping stones, culverts, etc.  Structures may be built with materials on site or imported, with stone, timber, metal, or plastics.

This course helps you gain or brush up on the skills to build safe, long-lasting trail structures that fit into their surroundings and provide a positive user experience.  You will also learn why and where structures are applicable.

Please register.  Space is limited.

Trail Supervisor Training Workshop

New York - New Jersey Trail Conference logoTrail Supervisor Training is a tool kit of supervisor skills necessary to managing Trail Conference volunteer trail maintainers.


This course helps you gain or brush up on the skills necessary to be a Trail Conference volunteer supervisor.  Training will be provided through discussion, case studies, and hands-on exercises.  You will learn how to develop and tap into resources that will help you handle your on/off trail responsibilities.  

Please register.  Space is limited.

Train the Trainer Workshop

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference logo

Train the Trainer is learning new methods to engage and educate adult learners, and how to prepare for instructing a course. 


This course helps you gain or brush up on the skills necessary to becoming a Trail Conference instructor volunteer.  You will learn how to manage course logistics and class time, integrate materials, and develop teaching aids to create a positive, engaging learning environment.  You will have the opportunity to practice instruction and refine your techniques using peer evaluation and feedback. 


Please register.  Space is limited.

Tread & Drainage Workshop

Trail Conference staff working on tread and drainage at the Catskill Interpretive Center.Tread and drainage is creating a pathway surface that keeps water off the trail and people on it resulting in sustainability. 

This course helps you gain or brush up on techniques to keep a trail from becoming a gulley.  These techniques include sidehill trail construction, utilizing sustainable grades, and ways to shed water off the trail.  Drainage structures such as dips, knicks, swales, and waterbars and their construction are also a focus of this topic.

Please register.  Space is limited.

Web Infrastructure: -Insert Title- Workshop

New York - New Jersey Trail Conference logoThe online Trails Database provides for the management and administration of trails, segments, volunteer assignments, changes, new trail and segment additions.

This hands-on workshop introduces the new features and walks through the process. Participants will walk away knowing how to update their trails, segments, assign Maintainers and to view their online SMS reports.

  • Prerequisite: Website login with appropriate permissions.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their laptop if available.  
  • Registration and participation is limited to the role appropriate for this workshop.