Invasives Removal at Rose Preserve in Lewisboro

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Linda Rohleder
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We'll be working to remove pockets of invasion in this new Westchester Land Trust preserve and helping to protect habitat for field-nesting birds.

We have easy activities (pulling mile-a-minute weed) appropriate for the whole family as well as more physical activities (removing invasive shrubs).

Chose to join us just for the morning 9:30 - 12:30 or just for the afternoon 1:00 - 3:00. Or bring a lunch and come for the whole day.

Wear long pants, long sleeves and boots or old shoes that can get dirty. Bring thick leather work gloves.There is no need to know the plants, we provide on-the-job training. We also bring all the tools.

Please email the crew leader for more details including meeting place and directions at [email protected]   PLEASE SPECIFY morning shift, afternoon shift, or whole day.

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