Hike Submission Form

This is an invitation to share your enthusiasm and love for hikes in any of the parks, regions and on the long distance trails served by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

Download the "Hike Submission Form" below to prepare and send a proposed hike for consideration by a web content editor for publication on the Trail Conference's web site.  There is also a "Completed Sample Form" already filled out based on an actual hike in the database, and a "Sample Photo" from the same hike.  After you have reviewed the forms, and if you still have questions, contact us at: [email protected] with "Inquiry" in the subject line.

We particularly welcome hike submissions from the following Regions and their associated parks:

Submission of a hike in any of the NY-NJ Trail Conference regions will be gladly accepted for review.  Please avoid duplicating hikes by reviewing hikes currently on the Trail Conference's website.   

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