Mountain Bike Policy (superseded)

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (Trail Conference) focuses its efforts on the creation, stewardship and protection of foot-only trails. By far the largest number of trail users continues to be hikers. Accordingly, the great majority of available trails should meet their needs. Hikers typically wish to enjoy quiet, slow travel and the enjoyment of natural settings without the intrusion of mechanical conveyances. Foot-only trails best meet the needs of hikers and provide them with the highest quality experiences. The experience of hiking and the interests of hiking constituents should vigilantly be protected.

The Trail Conference recognizes that mountain bikers are an active community of trail users. We believe that, subject to careful consideration of the impact on other users and the environment, mountain bike trails often may be accommodated on public open space. Consequently, we are prepared to work cooperatively with mountain bikers and encourage cooperative trail planning and stewardship.

The Trail Conference believes that a diverse system of trails, each designated for a specific use, is the best way to provide satisfying trail experiences for a broad range of users. We disagree with the concept that multi-use trails are the best solution for various users to simultaneously experience open space. Multi-use trails designed to accommodate a range of users will typically result in a sub-optimal experience for most users. However, multi-use trails may be an appropriate option when a diverse system of trails cannot be accommodated, e.g., in a sensitive environment or where terrain or space impose limitations.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010
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Replaced by Trail Use Policy

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