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Hey anyone starting to see the Mountain Laurels bloom?  Any hot spots in Morris County or elsewhere? Thanks  JD
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Thanks for the quick response. Im not a big fan of ordering things online - however I do hike the ramapo area often. Would these be availible at the HQ building when released?
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Yes, all of our maps and books are available at our new headquarters adjacent to Ramapo Valley County Reservation as soon as we receive them from the printer.  We are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday (from now until the fall).
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Is there a release date for the new mapset? I dont want to pre order or anything, I am just wondering when I can pick it up at either sterling forest visitor center or the bookstore on the palisades parkway.   Thanks!
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We anticipate getting the new Shawangunk maps to the printer very soon, with availability in early June.  However, please note that it may take several weeks for the locations you mentioned to order and receive the new maps, so ordering directly from the Trail Conference is your best bet for obtaining the maps when they first come out.

TC Cartographer

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Jeremy, I assume the map set was all ready before the recent fires in the Sam's Point area. Will there be some notation in the packaged set -- a paper insert, say -- alerting hikers to the closed trails? Thanks!
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Found last year end of summer, waiting to return to owner. Contact me at [email protected]
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a hiker has lost her camera while hiking in Norvin green - about two weeks ago.   She was on the Green Otterhole Trail and then on the WCR, yellow trail.  Not sure which direction she took.    It is a sand colored Canon PowerShot Digital Elph point and shoot camera If you have found this, please notify me at [email protected]  posted by Trail Chair for Central North Jersey Trails 
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Been doing a lot of exploring in Black Rock Forest, and on Schunermunk Mountain recently. While walking down Mineral Springs Road, I came across a sign from the Open Space Institute labeled "Legacy Ridge".   Did a little research and discovered they protected this land in 2013 with intent to create a trail network, however I cannot find any further information, and seeing as how this is still OSI property and not transferred to the state or another entity, I presume there are still some issues to be worked out or something.   Does anyone know anything further about this? Is this land currently legal to explore? I noticed a gated woods road, dont remember if there were any no tresspassing signs, but I thought it best to find out what I could before I went tromping through unknown areas. Quite curius about this area and its potential to connect the mountain and Black Rock. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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At the SE corner of the property  a driveway leads off of old Mineral Springs Road. The old road is gated off but you can park to the side of it. Follow the drivey up toward the pond. To the right you will find a trail which leads you to the NW side of a field. I do not recall if this part of the trail is marked. An old woods road leads up to the ridge, it has some markers. A couple of views exist up on the ridge. Also you will find a small kiosk with information at the driveway on your way in. Andy Garrison
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Hello, I lost my gold wedding band a few hours ago, 9/12/15 between 930am to 1pm, while hiking on the white trail and down the blue trail at Breakneck Ridge. If anyone finds it please email me at [email protected]. it has an inscription inside that I can verify.   Thanks in Advance!
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I found the southern harriman map on the Pine Meadow trail right by the power line crossing a bit up from the Equestrian Center today.  I'd be happy to mail it out to whoever lost it.  Please email [email protected]'s picture

Happy New Year & enjoy the new year with out door activitivies.  (Snowshowing, X - Country Skiing, hiking, swimming at Lake Awosting, and Photogray)'s picture

Merry Christmas!? No snow this Christmas in Ulster County, NY.  No snowshoeing or skiing.'s picture

Still no snow.'s picture

Where can I buy the New York Trail Book?'s picture

It been "raining" with a heavy drizze all day. Its only the 2nd day of winter.  (12/23/2014)'s picture

Has any one seen the movie "Wild" yet?  Any held or seen any review?'s picture

I 'hearld' the movie is comming out on December 25?
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What happened to the NJ Walk Book? It doesn't appear on the list of books to purchase.