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When I look at the schedule for the Bear Mountain train, it shows that it stops at the Bear Mountain Inn, which is further north than I want to go.  However, I think I'm understanding from everyone that I have to flag the bus driver to stop me prior to that basically wherever I want to stop along Rt. 9W.    Its making more sense to me now.  Thank you all for your help and I'm looking forward to a great hike!
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What are the Trail Conference's plans for making available digital versions of their maps?
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We currently offer free, downloadable PDFs on our website that cover multiple parks throughout the region:  These PDFs certainly do not cover all the trails in the region, but they are useful electronic references.

In terms of our full-featured trail maps, we have received many requests from users looking for the maps or trails data in a digital format that might be used on a GPS unit, smartphone, or other device.  The Publications Committee at the Trail Conference has been actively working on some possible solutions for getting our maps on mobile devices, but we unfortunately do not have anything available at the moment.  We hope to be able to provide digital versions of our maps in some way very soon, so stay tuned for announcements related to digital maps.

~Jeremy, TC cartographer

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Hi everyone, please excuse the self-serving nature of this post but I think it's appropiate. I just started a new outdoors group on and thought some members here might be interested in joining it. It's a total free group, it's meant to bring like minded people together for hikes, camping, etc in a friendly atmosphere and enjoy nature at it's finest.'s picture

The emerald ash borer are found in Orange County, NY. This is a County in NYS that is south ot Ulster County and west of the Hudson River.'s picture

Attention: Possible several thunderstorms for this afternoon.
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Eastern Mountain Sports Paramus is now hiring for a store guide and a keyholder. If you are interested please stop by the store and ask for Kevin the Store Manager or go to EMS's Career page to submit your information:   Thanks and see you on the trails!Kevin A. Boyce Eastern Mountain Sports Paramus 201-670-6464
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Today and tomorrow, April 8 and 9, all EMS stores are offering 20-25% discount to anyone belonging to an outdoor club. I'm assuming that includes the NYNJTC as EMS normally offers a 10% discount to members. Disclaimer....I don't have any connection with EMS, just thought people might like to know about the sale.
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An oldtimer once told me it was called Pooploop in the old days and you can find that spelling on some colonial era maps, but I don't who or what Pooploop was.
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Anybody know where it comes from?  Most geographical names in the region come from Dutch or Native American, but Popolopen Tourne is neither.  It sounds more like Swedish.  I'm curious to know the origin of the namesake if anybody has a clue, as there is nothng on the internet.  Thanks.
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I found an old NY times article on the history of the area and it mentions the creek containing the "hell hole" as being named Sankapagh around the time of Hudson's exploration.  
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  I just happened across a new website that I found interesting and useful. allows you to set up a profile (one for free) with your own weather specifications for an activity and the site will alert you when those weather conditions will be ideal for a selected location.  Now I just have to wait for Joe to tell me when to go hiking!
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Do we have an ETA for the new Sterling map set? I want to order some maps, and would like to order them all together, but not if the Sterling set is going to keep being delayed. It was originally supposed to be ready in Feb- any updates? Thanks.
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Hi Michael!The Sterling Trails map is currently at the printer and we anticipate having it available in the next 1-2 weeks.  You can find out more information about the map by clicking here: can also leave your e-mail address and we'll send you an e-mail as soon as the maps are available for purchases.  If interested, you can sign-up for this e-mail notification here: for your interest!~Jeremy, TC cartographer
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Thank you Jeremy!
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This is rather far off-topic! In an enigmatic (to me) dedication to his book "Forest and Thicket", John Andrew Eastman refers to Faythe M. Butler and Jack Olsen, saying, "They made trails." Can anyone shed some light on who these people are? A google search came up with nothing. Perhaps the trails they made were not even hiking trails... Just curious. Don Recklies
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Is the parking lot at the end of Sunnyside Rd in Fishkill closed seasonally or permanently? Went there Sat 11/20 and gate to parking was closed and locked. has no closure info on this parking area and there were no notices at the two kiosks near the trailhead. Thanks.'s picture

No Hunting on Sundays Maine Massachusetts Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania except in licensed hunting preserves Maryland Virginia except in licensed shooting preserves North Carolina Here is a list of states where there is no hunting on Sundays, with excepts. It was compiled in Fall 2009. Still wear orange.
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last saturday i encountered 2 bow hunters in harriman. they were dressed in camp and one had a big crossbow. they denied hunting on park property near ladentown on the gas line behind kruckers, said they were hunting on private property. they did not like that i took their picture.  spoke to park police and they said they took it very seriously and would come and speak with them. anyone else see hunters around harriman?
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Haven't seen any hunters so far, but i applaud you for doing the right thing.