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I spoke with Ringwood SP; the official updates on trail re-openings appear on the DEP website's Parks and Forests page for Ringwood SP where you'll find an advisory. They also said that if a trail does not have a "closed" sign on it, that section of the trail (not necessary the whole trail) is OK to hike on. Any sections that actually cross the pipeline can certainly be considered still closed, such as the R-R north of Mt Defiance, the Halifax on Pierson Ridge, and the Crossover where it parallels & crosses Morris Rd.
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Today,  I parked at the circle on Johnsontown Road,  and did a loop hike which ended with my descending from the viewpoint above Almost Perpendicular.  The Blue Disc trail, as I headed south after crossing the gas pipeline, has at least three steep places that are badly eroded.  One is about 300 years north of the viewpoint, as the trail climbs a steep section. Maybe steps need to be built here.  But there are 2-3 places in the Almost Perpindicular that are in poor condition.  Sections that are all rock are OK, but those containing soil are losing it.  There is a woods road that perhaps could be used as an alternative, although it does not climb directly to the viewpoint--the main attraction here.  The other trails and roads I took were mostly in good condition, though it is a shame how much truck traffic the Victory seems to get. Jonathan
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4/27/2013 Great day for a renewed hike on the Long Path, pressing ever forward for 2013 (start of our 4th season)!  Brother & I hiked from the Scutt Rd. parking area in N.Lake/S.Lake to the Batavia Kill at the end of Big Hollow Rd.  The walk was approximately 11.6 miles and was challenging asending from Ducher Notch to Arizona Mtn. and then onto Blackhead's peak.  I still feel like I was on a stairmaster for approximately 9 hours.  In general the trail was clear and the views were great towards the Hudson Valley and now of Albany to the north northeast.  We still have not had a perfectly clear day to get a crystal clear sky.  The views are somewhat hazy, it's a shame not to be able to take clearer pictures.    The path was in great shape and easily followed.  Markings were clear although the signs at North Point have either been removed or have fallen off of the post at this location.  They are on the ground and look to be due for replacement.  Plant life is starting to burst out all over but the tree buds are just starting to open.  They still need to a few more weeks to open up fully.  We didn't see too many birds or wildlife on this section, I guess it's still a bit early for that.    As usual, Spring takes its time coming to the Catskills.  Snow and ice patches are still present in many locations throughout this walk but generally not an issue.  Except at the top of Blackhead on the north side of the peak.  Upon arriving at the top of this peak, we noted snow and ice on the trail as one descends to the north towards Batavia Kill.  Two couples arrived from this section of the trail and we asked about the conditions.  "The trail is covered with ice and snow and is very steep and slippery.  However, if you focus and use the trees and some bare rocks you should be able to descend in about 20 mnutes and it is bare ground below this area.  We are glad we came up and are not going down that way."  Talk about a pep talk.........  We pressed on, not really having any good alternatives and descended from the top.  The Long Path guide is not kidding when they describe this as a steep decent, one of the steepest on the trial.  After roughly 30 minutes of sheer terror, clinging for dear life to trees, slipping on the ice and snow, wailing and nashing of teeth, we made it to the clear area, probably around the 3500' elevation.  Many oaths were sworn and a general feeling of relief was felt.  The moral of this story: this was year 2 of a lack of traction gear.  While we made it through, as we had last year on the Borrough's Range with issues at the Cornell Crack, next year the Microspikes are along for the ride.    Water quality of the Batavia Kill looked good.  Nice and clear with no sedimentation in the water.  Looks like it could be a great trout stream.  Colorful, speckled rocks on the stream bed, wonderful to look at.  Also of interest is the iron truss bridge at the last house on Big Hollow Rd. by the trail parking area.  It was built in 1900 in Canton, Ohio.  Impressive in its durability.  All in all, another great section of the Long Path, not to be missed!  
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According to a park's spokesperson contacted by phone yesterday and contrary to alerts on NY State Parks' website (as well as here on NY/NJ TCF)...the following trail closures are no longer in effect:  
  • Lower Awosting Carriage Road
  • Awosting Falls Carriage Road: closed at the waterfall
  • Jenny Lane Footpath: closed at the Blueberry Run Footpath intersection    Rainbow Falls is accessable again via reopened Rainbow Falls Trail as well.   The only active advisory still noteworthy is that all bridges over the Peters Kill are still out and crossings are only recommended at times of low water.  Suggestions in that regard were to wait 2-3 days after any rainfall and (presumably) any Peters Kill crossings would/could be fordable. Doing this hike this weekend and hope the informtion given was correct.  We'll see.   
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Did the TC's 10mi Minnewaska hike (plus additional 1.8mi. by starting from Jenny Lane Parking lot instead of parking inside park.  Returned to JL lot via woods road paralleling RT.44/55.  Out & return require crossing unbridged Sanders Kill both times. "Out" no problem on strategic rocks. Return doable in low water on rocks; higher water remove shoes or bring plastic covers.)     ALL previously noted trails are now opened including Rainbow Falls trail albeit a bit rough in spots. Fly Brook bridge replacement near complete and quite crossable.  Jenny Lane trail opened all the way to Rainbow Falls Trail. Notes: 
  • Jenny Lane blazes are now light blue. JL 'street sign' vandalized & missing. Keep watch for lot on left or rt 3/4mi from park entrance depending which way you're headed on Rt.44/55.  Lot only holds about 15 cars. Get there early!
  • Rainbow Falls blazes are orange.
  • Big Kudos to Jolly Rovers trail maintainers for putting in over 50 steps up washed out ascent from falls to carriage-road crossing    
Fantastic views & all-round great hike!  (Watchout for incoming hordes of late family park 'strollers' & untrained/unprofessional/rude biker-wannabees around 4:00pm-ish nearer Lake Minnewaska on weekends.)  
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I did most of the Indian Hill loop today, starting from the parking lot off Orange Turnpike in Sterling Forest.  Using the yellow trail provides a nice, short loop hike with views of Route 17 and the NY Thruway on the eastern leg of the loop.  I started going north on the western leg, and coming back south on the other side, I cut it short by taking a shortcut I have used before.  Near where the red and yellow trails merge, you can walk west past a pond, follow some very broad wood roads past some abandoned buildings, and end up back on the western leg of the yellow trail, not far from the start.  Today I discovered this shortcut is now blazed with bright green plastic blazes with a yellow songbird in the center of each blaze.  Who blazed this trail?  Is it, or will it be on TC maps?  Jonathan
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This trail was blazed within the past year.  It is called the Warbler Trail.  I guess that warblers are yellow.  It was blazed with the permission of the Park, either by the Park staff or by the Trail Conference.  It will be included on the next edition of the Sterlng Forest map.
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as per the sign on rt 106 close to 17--- rt 106 from kanawauke circle west to 17 will be closed on the following dates apr 15-may 10 june 10-july 3 aug 5-sept 6 i spoke to the park police fri apr 5  to clarify where these closings were on 106. the officer said they were only west of kanawauke circle, the east part of 106 will stay open. he said also arden valley rd will be open soon but it was not open as of fri apr 5.  the officer said that the entire length of 106 from 17 to kanawauke will be closed for those time periods and that they would reopen the road for various summer holidays.
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Arden Valley Road is still close. I drove by today.
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Did they give an explanation for the closings Banjo?
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I will attempt to find out more.  However, I suspect that this is related to the agreement between PIPC and Orange County in which PIPC has agreed to assume responsibility for this road.  This is all conditional on Orange County first taking necessary steps to repair the road and hand it over to PIPC in top notch condition.  I presume that Orange County will be doing work on the road during the closure periods so that they can fulfill their part of the agreement and have PIPC take over maintenance of the road. It should be noted that it appears that not all of this section of Route 106 will be closed during these periods.  The latest information is that only portions of this section will be closed, as follows: Thruway to Wabenaki Road will be closed between April 15 and May 10. Wabenaki Road to Camp K-20 will be closed between June 10 and July 5 Camp K-20 to Little Long Pond will be closed between August 5 and September 6
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last week 106 was open all the way from 17 to 7 lakes. today 4/24  there are signs from 7 lakes that road is closed, local traffic only.  we were able to hike out of the RD lot with no problem. some folks had parked at the WB lot as well, so far so good for the 106 parking lots.. no guarantees though--it could certainly be all closed up in the next few days, or it could remain open...if u go there its good to have plan B
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Looking to go for a nice long hike this sunday. The book 60 hikes within 60 miles brings a 15+ miler combining Wawayanda and Bearfort Mt. it lists it as a "9 hour" hike. So I have two questions: 1) anyone been there recently and knows if the trail conditions are decent since sandy; 2) anyone done this hike or something similar and can confirm if the 9 hour time estimate is realistic or not? Thanks in advance David
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Many of the blowdowns have been removed. A few still remain, but nothing major. I dont have this book, but i googled it and saw the map of the hike. It seems to me too long. My suggestion would be to pick a side of the park and stick with it. The western side of the park(divided by clinton road) is much easier hiking. The eastern side is more rugged. One can easily spend the whole day exploring either side. Bring along our North Jersey Map and enjoy the trip.
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I took a quick look at the hike in the book, and I agree with Wawayanda East that the hike is too long, and that one should choose one side of Clinton Road to hike on.   The terrain on each side is completely different.  The hike up to Terrace Pond on the east side of Clinton Road is one of my favorite hikes, but it involves some climbing over rocks.  The hike on the west side is longer and less rugged.  If you want a longer hike, you might want to try the hike west of Clinton Road.
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I have not been to the area recently, although I believe that all blowdowns from Sandy have been cleared by now.  However, I am generally familiar with the 60 Hikes within 60 Miles book, and am not particularly impressed with it.  Sometimes, they create very long hikes to "get everything in," and it sounds like this is one of those instances.  My own feeling is that this 15-mile hike is much too long.  When I get a chance, I will check the book and let you know what I think.
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Thanks so much, it seems very long to me and  I don't want to get caught after dark in the park.
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Can anyone tell me as to whether any of the bridges that cross both Pine Meadow Brook and Stony Brook are currently passable.
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Two of the bridges have been repaired and replaced and two are still out.  The ones that have been replaced are the Pine Meadow Trail Bridge (Red Dot Trail)about midway between the Cascades of Slid and Ga-Nus-Quah Rock,  and the bridge just below the Cascades of Slid that crosses Pine Meadow Brook and joins the Stoney Brook Trail (Yellow).  The Big bridge that crosses Stoney Brook via the Kakiat Trail is still out as is the HTS Trail (Orange) bridge that crosses the Cascades of Slid.  I have found ways across both places at different times, but that varies along with water level and can be a bit dangerous.