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Mud? Ice? High water at stream crossings?

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i  saw a sign today on 106 near 17 that said something about the road closing between apr 15-may 10 but i didnt read the whole sign--just caught a glimpse--anyone know anything about this??
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Has anyone been to Abram Hewitt lately and know how much if any snow there is and especially how wet and how high the stream crossings are on the orange quail/jeremy glick trail?
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Snow should not be an issue. Some ice in shady spots along the ernest walter trail a possibility. Bearfort ridge, ernest walter, and state line were cleared of 55 blowdowns recently. I did not get a chance to walk Quail trail yet. ATVs have been doing a number on the trail here in this area, and many muddy spots exist because of it.. Streams might be slightly high, as last i was up there they were still frozen.    
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Leave the ice cleats at home, for sure. Mid-March snow is melted and Monday's little snowstorm completely missed West Milford Twp.
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I did this hike on Friday.   Trails had no snow to up to 4 inches approx.  I used micospikes in one spot coming down the Torne over to Torne View.  Not really necessary but I had them.  I wore my 3 season boots but probably would have been better with my winter boots - but there were no problems.  It was a great hike - trails were in good condition and mostly broken.  Coming over the Torne to Torne view some markers were obscured but I was able to find my way ok.  The turn from Kakiat onto the red white and blue is a a little confusing but just be sure to take the right ovet to the footbridge.   Its a great, strenuous hike - one of the nicest in the park imo.
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I was wondering if anybody knew the trail conditions for the break neck ridge trail. A few friends and I were thinking about going this week.
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Some friends did that trail Thursday evening and there was a few inches of crunchy snow on most of the trail from Breakneck to Beacon. They didnt where microspikes, just hiking boots with no issues. It most likely will be more melted by next week(especially if hiking during the day) and more packed down so conditions may be different by then.
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I hiked Friday from the Ramapo Equestrian Center, up the PM to the SBM, to the TMI, then on it to the Woodtown Road. There were 2 to 6 inches of nice crunchy snow on almost every surface.  Very little ice, and not slippery, but sinking into the snow every step.  Only the SBM had been used much, and no one had been on the road.  One small tree was down, with its blaze, on the SBM as I climbed north after leaving the PM, but otherwise all the blowdowns on the trails and the Woodtown Road have been cleared, including the monumental pile of trees that blocked the PM as I took it back out of the park.  On the other hand, there is a woods road that almost parallels the Woodtown Road for about half a mile--it's on the TC map--and that road is blocked in two or three places by blowdowns.  I am not sure if the TC maintains these roads, which do not get vehicular traffic. The streams are lively, and as soon as this snow melts, they will swell.
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My thanks to J Beard for the thoughtful original message that may be of help to many readers.  Responding to the report of blowdowns on a woods road, the fact is that the Trail Conference clears only the official blazed trails (and has cleared more than 1000 trees from the trails since November).    The Park has been very diligently working on clearing of the woods roads as a matter of access for emergencies and have removed an immense number of blowdowns.  Their clearing efforts continue.
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Does anyone know the trail condition on the escarpment trail going over WIndham mtn  
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Hi - There is still snow in the Catskill Mountains, with deeper accumulations on the mountain peaks.  The storm yesterday dropped several inches of new snow.  Conditions likley are a mix of new snow and areas of packed, hard snow.  Snowshoes would be helpful and traction devices or crampons would likely be needed in certain areas.   Jeff Senterman  Catskill Region Program Coordinator for the Trail Conference
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Thanks for the update
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Does anyone know if the bridge over the east branch of the Neversink on the Peekamoose-Table trail is still standing? There were reports it was out after Hurricane Irene. Planning on hiking there next week.   Thanks
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Hi - that bridge was damaged by Hurricane Irene, but it has been repaired by the DEC and the ADK pro crew.  The bridge and the trail are open to hikers.   Jeff Senterman  Catskill Region Program Coordinator for the Trail Conference
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I hiked north on the LP from Arden Valley Road to the Menomenee, over to Silvermine, then to the top of the Silvermine ski run, and over to the road that meets the AT.  I took the AT back to the Arden Valley Road and Tiorati.  Many shaded areas on the trail with north exposures still have ice, though it is melting. Some chainsaw work remains on the section of the LP near the Arden Valley Road, though farther north it has been carefully cleared, and both the Menomenee and AT were completely fixed up with lots of trees cut away.  On the AT between Seven Lakes and Arden Valley Road I saw something I have never encountered before:  white plastic blazes on the AT.  Is this the blaze of the future?
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Thanks for the reminder. We know there are a few blowdowns left about 1/2 mile north of Arden Valley Road and will soon schedule a trip to clear them. We ran out of time the last trip out there! Jakob
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Ha!  There should perhaps be a blowdowns section on here.  There are still quite a few, but I also am very impressed at the number that have been given attention and have been addressed so far.  The volunteers are doing magnificient work on the trails.'s picture

Expect some some and ice.    There was a fair amount of snow of 8 March 2013 (Friday).  There is ice under the snow.   Bring your snow shoes, cramons, sun glasses, ect.  Its going to be a great day to be out, on Saturday.  (9 March 2013).
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Thanks for the info!
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Hi, I'm considering going up to the Catskills to hike up to the summit of Wittenberg. Does anyone know what the conditions are like right now?