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Hiking the path from start to finish, south to north. Goal is to finish within 2 years or less. Doing this by day hikes and started in January with my brother (partner in hiking). We've been keeping a log & digital pics. Completed Fort Lee, NJ to Piermont, NY over four days. One day in Feb. 2010 was failure, snow was too deep & wet and had to turn back. Palisades have been beautiful, with and without snow. Have observed many species of trees. Vultures (turkey & black head). So many ground flowers: violets, Dutchman's breeches, periwinkle, daffidills, spring ?(white flower, 5 petals, on ground) and trout lily. Wonderfil!!!! Now for trail reports: 1. Trail should be re-positioned to include trail on cliffs in Greenbrook sanctuary. I doubt hikers would damage this area. Hikers are conservationists too and its crazy to not see this area, which is part of the PIPC. Walking next to the parkway is a drag. 2. Section by Lamont /Columbia entrance in bad need of logs or elevated walking path. TOO MUDDY and walking in a swamp. 3. Tallman state park is beautiful but blazes are not always easy to find. Needs updating and re-marking. Finally thanks to all who work and maintain this trail. It's been great and I look forward to the continued adventure, assuming my knee holds up.
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Greetings tree188, I've been doing the same south to north for about 2 years now. Up to north of Minnewaska, NY. The only issue I had was in Highland Lakes State Park. It's an "undeveloped" park. Not that that should prevent the blazes from being properly marked. Unfortunetly they weren't. Got really turned around and lost in there. The Long Path book even warns of it. Otherwise most of the trail is in pretty good shape. I suggest when you get to the road walk sections in Orange County that you Google Earth the roads first following the Long Path book. There have been some changes since the book was written also. You may even want to drive it first although that tends to take the adventure out of it. As far as Greenbrook goes their mission is to be purely a nature sanctuary. Hence no food, etc. to be brought in. They seek to utilize it as a living experimental area. I can't wait to start on the Catskills, good hiking, Jeff
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Jeff, Thanks for the info regarding the Highland Lakes section. I'll look into this further. Additionally, if the blazes are no longer marked, I wonder if there is a trail maintainer for the section that needs help re-marking the section. Webmaster, if this is the case or there is no maintainer, please let me know. I would be willing to help to re-mark the trail in either situation. Jeff, it's great you have made it to the Catskills. My brother & I are now at Nyack and looking to hike the next section to Long Clove. From Piermont to Nyack was disappointing. Nothing to memorable in this section. Phil
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The section of the AT referred to below is now open.

L. Wheelock 4/12/2010


A brush fire burned approximately 40 acres [UPDATE: 105 acres as of 4/9] of forest on the ridge between Lake Owassa and Kittatinny Lake yesterday and today.  The fire appears to have affected a portion of the Appalachian Trail just south of Rt. 206 and Culvers Gap.

The park office at Stokes State Forest can be reached for updates regarding travel on this section of the Appalachian Trail by calling (973) 948-3820.

AT Stokes State Forest Brush Fire

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I did the Washburn-Undercut-Cornish loop yesterday. Cornish was a little muddy with running water in spots, but quite passable. Otherwise, trails were in great shape. Happy trails!
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Was out today on 3 Lakes Trail-blue blazes. You can walk from 301 to Canopus creek but there was no safe place to ford. Creek looks like small river complete with rapids with all the rain. Lots of downed trees. Hiked back up, then took the AT to the intersection of the 3 Lakes and AT. Here you will find a sign saying the blue trail (3 lakes) is closed due to unsafe trail conditions. Sign should be by 301! The AT also has some downed trees which you have to use caution getting around/over.
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Many thanks to the Supervisor who was out today and not only did the 3 Lakes but also the AT on his way back.
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There were two blowdowns that need attention about a mile North of the Landings Road. Will email photos separately. Jules Papp Several others have been remedied already!
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Does anyone know why the trail to Stahahe High Peak is not maintained/not blazed? It's a nice area with a great view, and i'm confused as to why it wouldn't be kept maintained. Thanks!
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Stahahe High Peak is not a park sanctioned trail and thus we neither maintain it nor are we allowed to mark or clear it. In fact there was not long ago an additional trail to the peak and the Park asked us to mark it out, which we did. Sadly, at that time the rock overlook was also defaced with paint . Effforts to erase the graffiti were only moderately successful: ordinary paint removers are not ecologically appropriate. The trail dead-ends and it is better to not lead people to the site. The trail is also rather difficult to follow at one point and inexperienced hikers might become lost. Further, with summer growth the trail is often quite closed-in. At times persons unknown trim some of the trail. If caught doing so by the park authorities there would likely be an unpleasant result. The Trail Conference hiking maps show all maintained trails clearly and also show most unmaintained trails- clearly defined as such, and woods roads as a matter of map accuracy and guidance for locational aid or emergency routes.
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Thank you for the info- a shame, as the view there is quite nice. Would it be possible to get the trail "sanctioned" somehow?
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Has anyone been on the trails around Cold Spring? What condition are they in? Thanks.
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Paul, My sons and I did a quick shakedown hike of the Arden Park/Glenclyffe trail in Garrison yesterday. They were in pretty good shape with the exception of some pretty good sized mud patches thanks to the CSX trucks. Im guessing the trails up around Cold Spring are about the same. Hope this helps...
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Thank you, very helpful. I hope to hike this Friday. If I do, I'll report back on conditions.
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The Black Creek Bridge has now been repaired - the trail is open again between Route 94 and Canal Road - Thank you to Sandy Parr and his N. Jersey Trail Crew!


LarryWheelock - N.Y. West Hudson Reg. Rep

RE: The AT in NJ between Route 94 and Canal Road in Vernon

The bridge across a tributary of Black Creek was dislodged by the recent flooding. The bridge is unsafe to use. Unless you want to wade in the waist deep stream you should take the long route on route 94 to Maple Grange Road and back up Canal Road (or in reverse for north bound), to by-pass the area until the bridge can be repaired. 

AT in Vernon Temporary Roadwalk Bypass


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As an optional road walk, use Prices Switch Rd, right near the AT parking lot and Heaven Hill Farm.  See the map that is already posted;  that will bring you in Canal Rd from the north end.  Less road traffic.

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I was on the white trail on Taurus yesterday. There are three or four fallen trees across the trail in the lower section just after the Stony Point trailhead -- including a large one at the very beginning. There is also some serious erosion of the footpath in that area. Once you get to the quarry, the rest of the trail is clear.
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Most trails were clear, but I did find 10 to 12 inches of snow in some areas.
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I hiked from Harriman train station to Tuxedo train station today, and all of the trails i was on (Sapphire, Appalachian, Lichen, R-D were all in good condition, with only occasional muddy/swampy spots, and a couple of tricky (but easy) water crossings. A few scattered blowdowns, but nothing impassable. Unless it's your first time out, you should have no problem on any of these trails at this point. To everyone heading out this weekend- enjoy!
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Many roads in No. Jersey  and New York are closed due to this huge rainfall, so access to trail heads could be difficult.  In addition, you may find bridges gone, or the usual crossings under a lot of water.  It will take some time for this water to recede.    

PLEASE, any trail damage/bridges out, trees down, report directly to Trail Conference Office using this form

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