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The steep clime up Buck Mtn on the yellow trail requires some type of ladder or steps. Even in the summer when it's relatively dry, it's treacherous @ best.
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In this particular trail system of 30+ miles of trail there are perhaps two or three spots that can pose a problem, especially when the rocks are wet or snow/ice covered. Buck mtn. has been this way for over fifty years or since it's inception. Ascending isn't too bad, but descending can be a bit tricky. We recently trimmed back this whole area last Fall, which tends to get overwhelmed by the sprawling Green Briar. We could possibly trim back more of this growth on the North side which might provide an optional approach, although the topography offers few other options. We will re-evaluate this when we return to improve the trail tread below this point. Norvin Green is known as a forest of rugged wilderness calibre trails that can be challenging to doesn't pretend to be a "Walk in the Park". A few years ago we rerouted the Carris Hill Trail to improve safety and we received a few comments condemming us for eliminating this former challenge......So you can't please eveyone, but We Try !
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The trails in Norvin Green are pretty tame and in some sections a 'walk in the park". I think haveing the small challenges lke this section is worht keepin. Placing a structure like a ladder would pose additional challenges, mainly the monitoring of its condition and in the event it becomes unusable, what then? Close the trail.
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Man, I loved it. My German Shepherd and I did it together... tell people to quit their whining :)
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Many trails above 700 feet in the Shawangunks, Black Rock Forest, Storm King S. P and Schunemunk Mtn. S. P. remain partially blocked due to the ice storms in December and January. Contact parks directly to find out what the conditions are. Use the Find a Park feature under Go Hiking to get contact info for many parks.


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Hiked from Ferguson road to near route 52 today. I didn't encounter anything more than the normal after winter trail conditions. Still several inches of snow in the woods without a southern exposure though. No snow on the top of the ridge. The same for the gobbler Knob area as I walked that a few days ago. I will check Wurtsboro ridge soon.