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    Sigh... we used to have a vibrant trail conditions forum here on, before the great web redesign. It's unfortunate that these new forums have been made so difficult to use that the de-facto source for up-to-date info has fallen to Facebook, which has a history of privacy abuses and a lot of political baggage. Anyway, rant over, I hiked some of the Long Path last year and all of it some years back. Water availability changes with the weather, but if you have questions about specific sections I'm happy to offer what insight I have.
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    The 1997 hard-copy edition of the Long Path Guide is outdated. The current, up-to-date version of the Guide is available online. There is no key to correlate the two documents. You should rely on the online version of the Guide. You can trust the trail descriptions in the 1997 hard-copy Guide only if you have compared them to the online version of the Guide and find that they are still accurate.
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    I just got my copy of the Long Path Guide 1997 print edition. The section numbers and divisions seem different. I guess this is because the trail has changed in 23 years. Is there a key to these differences, IOW, something to translate? How do I know when I can trust the trail descriptions and when I can’t?
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    Unfortunately, I am not on Facebook. This sounds like a great group. Maybe I can participate through a more tech-savvy friend. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    Hello! There is an active Facebook "Friends of the Long Path" group where hikers share trail conditions, ask questions, and generally talk about the Long Path: That is currently the best resource available at the moment for this kind of information, and someone actually just asked a question 2 days ago bout water sources along the Shawangunk Ridge. Hope that helps! ~Jeremy, Trail Conference cartographer
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    One of my greatest backpacking frustrations is getting to a shelter or back country camping area at the end of a day hiking, only to find that there is no water available. I’d like to do some sections of the Long Path this summer, and I wonder if there is a reference source on where water is available along the trail.
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    There is construction on Mountain Road as you cross the stream heading to Diltz's Lane to get to the parking area trailhead for the TMI Trail. It was passable when I went last week, but there is a temporary traffic light allowing one-way traffic at a time. If planning to go to this parking area, prepare for possible delays.
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    I was wondering who is officially responsible for trail maintenance along the Briarcliff-Peekskill Trailway, especially the segment from Colabaugh Pond Road north to Blue Mountain Reservation. It's a Westchester County Park, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone from the county doing any maintenance. We live in the area, and use the trail regularly. As far as we know, it's mostly local residents who use the trail who do the maintenance. For instance, today, as a family project, my son and I replaced a plank bridge over a small stream. The old planks were rotten, and had become dangerous. We wonder, is there a dedicated crew, part of NYNJTC that cares for the trailway? If so, how can we get involved? If not, how do we form such a group? Josh Diamond
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    The Bash Bish Falls parking areas in NY (Route 344) and MA (Falls Rd) are closed off due to the pandemic. I happened to see this as I was coming back home to NJ after hiking from the Mt. Frissell trailhead to the South Taconic trail and Brace Mountain. Anyone planning to go see the falls or begin hikes from these lots may wish to call ahead to see when those parking areas will reopen.
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    Heading north on the White Cross Trail from its start at the TMI Trail, you will encounter three large blowdowns in the first mile. The first two can be bypassed easily, but the third will either need to be climbed over, or you will have to take a significant detour. Climbing over this blowdown will be difficult. Keep this in mind if you are planning a route that includes this trail section. The TC has been notified with a trail conditions report.

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