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    I am tired of hearing The Conference pushing for the bigger better bottle bill in NY. I do not support it and I've written my state reps with my opinion. I wonder how many members support this hidden tax which in my opinion will do little or nothing to reduce litter as there are millions of containers that already have deposits that are strewn along the roadsides. It is merely a political gimmick to raise revenues without actually taxing consumers as unreturned bottle deposits are kept by the state.
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    I'm glad it's back. It will be nice to have a central place to ask weather and trail condition questions instead of tracking people down on Flickr or other groups that aren't solely focused on NY and NJ trails.
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    Many trails above 700 feet in the Shawangunks, Black Rock Forest, Storm King S. P and Schunemunk Mtn. S. P. remain partially blocked due to the ice storms in December and January. Contact parks directly to find out what the conditions are. Use the Find a Park feature under Go Hiking to get contact info for many parks.


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    We don't have a list of them and many were anonymous. We will widely advertise the reincarnation in the e-Walker and Trail Walker. If you were a previous forum user and know some of the others, let them know that we are alive and well.
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    Would it make sense to send everyone an email who participated in Viewpoint at and tell them that it is now working here?