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    Hello All, Last weekend, after contemplating an overnight trip on the AT from Pawling to Route 17 via public transport, Katie and I decided to rent a car instead and head down to the Pine Barrens in Batsto NJ where the weather reports were much more favorable. We parked at the Batsto Visitor's center at Wharton State Park (about a 2 hr ride from BK) and hiked out 5 miles to the Mullica River Primitive Campground. We set our packs at the site right at the bank of the river and proceeded to hike an additional 5 miles following the mullica north and around a short loop towards the lower valley forge campground and ending back at our campsite where we had left our gear just in time for dinner - (the trails here are all very well marked and you can grab a map at the Batsto center before you take off). There was an out house and a water pump at the Mullica River site and although it was a really windy day there were some other backpackers and canoeists that joined us at the campground. There were even some very seasoned campers who were roasting two whole chickens over a fire. Bravo for hiking in with those chickens! Everyone was very quiet and we had an extremely peaceful rest! The next morning we had a hearty breakfast of brown sugar oatmeal and sidled up our packs and headed north along the mullica towards Atsion and then veered off again towards lower valley campground but this time instead of swinging back to the mullica, we took the pink batona trail back south to Batsto. In its entirety the Batona trail is a 50 mile long path and we only did about 7 or 8 miles of it. I would love to do the whole thing sometime, even though its sometimes easy to lose the marker (at some point we missed a turn off but ran into to some mountain bikers who helped us get back on track)...What a great trip - i highly recommend it. Very flat and sandy - like hiking on the beach but with tons of tall pines all around. There is a similar route suggested in the 50 hikes in NJ book... Also, for your general enjoyment - here is a link to a funny silent film that we made while on the trip...have fun in the pines! Adam PS. This weekend we are planning a trip to Harriman. We've got our maps and we're thinking about a short hike into a shelter on friday evening and then a hike to another shelter for saturday, then hike back to our car on sunday. Anybody know of a big ol' loop that might work for us?
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    I'm looking for a fantastic trail for me and a companion to hike this Saturday, at most 2 hours away from the Albany area, but ideally closer. We're both beginners. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance for any comments.
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    There are a few busses that run up to Catskills. There will be a road walk/cab ride to trail heads, but that's always an option. I have not had the opportunity to head up there yet, so I don't have much info to provide other than what's on the TC website.

    As far as Harriman goes, the last time I was at there, no one was around to share the shelter or surrounding area with me.

    There are plenty of shelters in Harriman where most people do not go because they are too far away from trailheads.

    You mentioned fishing. I'd strongly suggest getting a fishing license for NY. I don't remember what they are this year, but it's cheaper than having DEC or a ranger come up on you and write you a ticket. While I've never seen a ranger in the backcountry in Harriman, I wouldn't take the risk.

    Good luck and enjoy your hike!
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    Looks like there was a brush fire on the 9th. Just over 100 acres burned.

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    Can anyone recommend a good 2 day backpacking trip accessible by bus/train from nyc? Anywhere from 2-8miles per day and either a loop where you can camp anywhere or some place to hike to water, lake/river/waterhole/waterfall, set up camp and hike back after the second night. If fishing is a possibility that would be an extra plus. More secluded than populated is also ideal. Of course ill take any recommendations but if the above helps formulate your response all the better.

    @Dan, let me know what you end up doing and if you find a great spot, especially if lakes, big rivers, or camping at summits w/ views are involved.

    @Adam, any chance you could post a review of your trip, im super interested??

    @NYCHiker, thanks for wonderful tip on your fav spot. Ill definitely look into Harriman, although the camp only at shelter is kind of a damper. Part of the reason to get out of the city is to get away from people. Although hikers are usually the friendliest around :)

    Thanks in advance everyone for your suggestions!

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    This has been changed. Thank you.
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    The story reported on this site about the trail running races to be held on May 9, 2009 should be modified to say that the race courses involve Bear Mt and Harriman State Parks and that there will be runners on the course from 5am until 6pm.
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    Hi Everyone,

    Me and 3 friends are looking to do our first overnight in the Catskills at the end of the month. We are looking for any suggestions as to which area is best for doing a short hike in (2-4 miles), setup camp for the night and then head out the next day. I know there are a million areas to do this but figured one of you might have a couple of good, secluded spots that you'd be willing to share.

    One thought I had was starting at the western end of Devil's Path and then heading up to North Dome and camping somewhere in between North Dome and Sherrill (below 3500 ft). It looks secluded and the bushwacking seems like a good trade off with the relatively short distance.



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    Hey, These were all great recommendations. We've decided to do the AT Hike from Bear Mtn (we will metro north it up there) and hike to route 17 with an overnight on the trail. And a bus back... Thanks so much for all your help! Adam
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    I just did this hike today with 2 of my friends. And we were wondering why the markers along the Bearfort Waters Trail were in the water!!! Crossing the Reservoir was also quite treacherous. We just thought this was because of the winter thaw. I was going to send a message to NY/NJ Trail Conf. reporting this but I guess they are well aware of it. Wish I looked here BEFORE we left for our hike. Thanks for posting!

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