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    September 25, 26, and 27th travelled  from Tuxedo to Lake Skenonto and Lake Sebago and back via Victory  and Triangle Trails.  A trickle of water in outlet of Black Ash Swamp, some water running through stream outlet of Lake Skenonto.  As we've had little rain, I reckon things have just gotten worse, water wise.  I was up a week or so earlier and there was plenty of water in Pine Meadow Brook, down by Sloatsburg.  
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    Hello!  I apologize for using this forum for the first time asking for help for a professional purpose, but I am also an avid hiker so I'm pretty sure I'll be using the forum more for leisure and chat as well. I'm shooting a couple scenes for a music video and looking for a scenic overlook that would be looking down upon a busy city or town from a wilderness area.  Idea is that most of the video the main character looks to be walking in a post apocalyptic setting with abandoned stuff  in the woods/forest I've shot already.  At the end I'd like to have him come out to a scenic overlook that shows modern life is still happening (rather than post apocalyptic) but he has chosen to live off grid due to his disgust with modern day society.  So this is a big finale shot... the reveal.  I'm hoping that some of you might have a favorite hike or spot that you've seen in the past where you can hike and be in the forest but when you clear the trees (or get an opening for a view) you see a nice busy little area... city or busy bridge or small town but lots of movement.  I just need that 3 or 4 seconds to sell the idea.  I'm an experienced hiker so challenging hikes are not a problem for the right location. I'm in the central NJ shore area by Sandy Hook beach and willing to drive up to an hour and a half away for the right setting if necessary.  I've already got Bear Mountain Lookout as an option as well as a smaller level option in my local area from Hartshorne Park that can overlook a beach area but that's a last resort because it isn't ideal for the look.  Bear Mountain Lookout is the right idea but the drive is pretty far so hoping you folks might have some other ideas for me to consider.  I'll also be shooting near Allamuchy state park so anything near there (or in between my area and that area) would be great so I could shoot everything in one day. Thanks in advance. Tom
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    For a sunrise hike, I would suggest the viewpoint on the Ernest Walter Trail between the State Line Trail and Suprise Lake. With a great long distance view to the east, you should see the skyscrappers of NYC get that nice orange glow. 
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    You can hike to the Bald Rocks Shelter, and sit on the rock slabs to watch the sunset. For a sunrise hike, you will have to wait for others to recommend one, as i'm usually still sleeping during sunrise :)
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    Hey everyone! I would really love to hike to a spot that has a view of the sunrise so anything facing east.  Also, if anyone knows a spot for a sunset hike too, could use some suggestions. 
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    I am a late middle aged female hiking the Long Path with my partner -- a late middle aged male who has already finished once. We are hoping to do Sections 18 and 19 -- from Denning Road to Phoenicia this weekend -- Aug. 12/13 or 13/14 in two days -- Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun camping out one night. We are looking for another hiker(s) to help with the shuttle. We do a very moderate pace. If not this weekend, then perhaps in the future -- let me know if you are interested in hiking the Long Path.
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    I was looking at the web site's join/renew page and have observed that the life membership category has been dropped for the past year or so.  Not enough interest?  Or some other reason?  Just curious..................
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    camping in harriman park is illegal except at shelters..also  there are many lakes in harriman park. unfortunately they are illegal to swim in unless you go to lake tiorati or lake welch with kids, radios lifeguards and ropes. you may defy these rules at your own risk--many do so....minnewaska has a nice lake, legal and the MDSA minnewaska distance swimmers assoc. has a spot lower down the lake with a 200 yard swimming length but you have to pass a test and register with them. further info please PM me  at [email protected]
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    I hiked from the Reeves Brook Visitor Center in Harriman today. I rarely start hikes here because of the parking situation, but it was not too bad. The center was open--the first time I have ever seen it open--with a shop and restrooms. The man in the shop said that today was the first weekday it had opened. He had maps, snacks, clothing and books. He said the shop was open thanks to funds from the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. We took the 7 Hills Trail, and the climb from where it first meets the HTS to where it crosses the HTS again is badly eroded. Farther along on the 7 Hills we encountered a rattlesnake--which makes 3 in 3 hikes, all in Harriman, for me. The park is very dry.
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    40 year lease. AMC pays $10k per year. Tax payers footed the bill($500,000) for a new water system.  Rentals run from $18 to $400 per night. AMC paid $1.5 million to ugrade buildings and grounds. Over 40 years even the cost of the water upgrades won't be covered by the annual fee to the park. I wonder if there was competitive bidding on this,or just a gift to the AMC?