Post #2 -- Recommendation for new regions



The most appealing to me is Alternataive #5. Below is how the wording might be changed following the NY-NJ Trails Overview link to NEW JERSEY TRAILS [I think it should read "NEW JERSEY PARKS"].  I have added content to the first two proposed regions and uploaded them to the Regions DB to illustrate how we might put the new scheme into practice.


What do you think of the idea of dividing the Coastal Plain into several regions?  That would give us seven regions vs. ten currently used.




This list is organized by areas with a similar terrain that have been shaped by a common geological history.  The locations of parks within these "physiographic provinces" suggest the types of trails a hiker might experience.  An overview map with more detailed descriptions is available from the New Jersey Geological Survey:


Valley and Ridge Region [Note: the "teaser" field of two lines runs into the beginning of the content]

Highlands Region

Piedmont Region

Coastal Plain

  • Jersey Shore Region
  • [Lower] Delaware River Region
  • Pinelands Region
  • Southern Shore Region [Note: I don't think the NJ Walkbook covers this part of the state]



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