Hike Reviews

November 29, 2019
Very nice hike !
Did this hike today , 11/ 29/ 19. It was mostly sunny and cold in the upper 30's. This hike basically has everything; ups and downs to get your heart rate up , viewpoints and overlooks, multiple water crossings , varied terrain, shelters and even the historic hide out of a Revolutionary War criminal ! It is a fairly long hike and I should have started earlier than 10 am... I'm not a speed hiker so it took almost the full 6 hours Mr. Chazin estimates that it should. Got back to my car at 4 pm..close to dusk. Very clearly blazed trails but some very rough, eroded portions that are real tough on my old ankle injury.
June 13, 2016
Entrance to trail not clear
<p>I walked this trail June 10, 2016. If you have never been on this trail before be careful to take the trail on the left when you enter the woods from Grove Rd. There is also a trail to the right that has a tree at the entrance with a red dot on white marking. It is easy to take the trail to the right which leads to the "O" Orange Trail. I did. &nbsp;I hiked several miles before realizing I was on the wrong trail. When I returned I saw others going straight for the correct trail so I assume they had walked the trail before. This was my first time.</p> <p>Sadly the Dutch Doctor Shelter was littered with tin cans, food wrappers and empty bottles. I collected everything and put it in a bag but I wasn't able to carry it out. There was a large rattlesnake near the shelter, first time I'd seen one. Not a problem, just mentioning it. Besides these few glitches it was an enjoyable hike.</p>
September 21, 2014
Group Hike Sept 2014
<p>A group of us did the hike yesterday with a slight alteration to the route as I bought the map few years ago. (We've reached the Lake Skenonto and took the Blue Victory (Blue V) --&gt; Ramapo Dunderberg (red-dot-on-white) back to the entrance, which yields 7.94 miles (from parking lot).</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The markings were all very clear and the only minor detour we had was swtiching from TMI (red-dash-on-white) to White Bar. Mainly because we were expecting water in the Spring Brook. Unfortunately when we were there yesterday (09.20.14) the Brook was pretty dry and we stayed on TMI until we say White Bar Trail heading south. No biggie.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I love hiking this trail as it is accessible via Public Transportation, but definitely not for the faint of heart. Few of my friends are not in their best shape in terms of they don't walk on a regular basis, but with all the up hills with rocks were a bit of a challege. Nevertheless, we finished the trail a little under 5 hours. The shelter is in good shape for overnight hikers and I've also seen tents set up by Claudius Smith Den</p>
June 03, 2012
Should be fine
Michael K7
<p>Last time i was there, the shelter was in good condition.</p> <p>My advice is if you are going to use the shelter as part of this hike, you shoud do the hike backwards. If you take the TMI Trail from the shelter to the R-D and the trailhead, it should take you no more than 3 hours at the most, probably a lot quicker.&nbsp;</p>
May 17, 2012
Shelter mileage
<P>Does anyone know if the shelter is a good spot to rest for the night, giving one enough time to make it out to the trailhead by about 1 the next day? Or just how far in the shelter is from the start?</P>