Hike Reviews

July 05, 2015
Awesome and Confusing
My family and I walked this loop, and we had a great time. This is a nice, peaceful trail for everyone. My 5 year old nephew really enjoyed all the little animals we saw! (Snakes, chipmunks, woodpeckers, a hawk and many many spiders) The only thing we did not enjoy was how poorly marked everything was! We tried to get to the top of the mountain but it was impossible to find the trail!
October 28, 2014
Marking of trails in Blue Mountain Reservation
Daniel Chazin
I must say that when I recently revisited this park, I, too, was disappointed.  As indicated in the description above, the trails in Blue Mountain Reservation are indeed poorly marked and poorly maintained.  They are officially maintained by mountain bike groups, not by the Trail Conference.  And most of the number markers at junctions are missing.  I did succeed in following the hike, but only because I have a very good sense of how to follow a trail and how to figure out where you are, and because I carefully followed the park map (which itself leaves much to be desired).  I cannot strongly recommend this hike -- many of the woods roads traversed by the route of the hike are eroded and not all that pleasant to walk on.  But Blue Mountain Reservation is a large Westchester County park, so I felt that a hike in this park should be retained on the website.
October 28, 2014
Very disappointed!
I was so disappointed with this hike. There wasn't one trail marked with the proper color or number as described in Daniel's instructions. Easy to find yor way out, but I missed so much of the hike due to the poorly marked trail.
September 15, 2014
Trails in Blue Mountain Reservation
Daniel Chazin
I visited the park on September 12, 2014 and have updated the description. The trails in the park are indeed poorly maintained (they are maintained by mountain bike groups, not by the Trail Conference), but they are wide woods roads which can easily be followed by one who brings along the free park map (available at the tollbooth at the entrance to the park). The description has been updated to reflect current conditions.
August 09, 2009
Walkable Westchester has the best map available.

The trail colors in Blue Mt. have been changed many times over the years. They should all be considered unreliable. Trail Conference volunteers reblazed the entire park in about 2002 so that the descriptions in the Day Walker were correct, i.e. corresponded to the county map at the time. At that time the intersections were all given numbers, but many of the posts were just leaned against trees and not installed in the ground because the ground is too rocky. Many of those have since disappeared. More continue to disappear but in a few cases numbers have been painted on trees with the proper numbers.

At the time of publication of Walkable Westchester, we reverified the colors of the trails but it would not surprise me in the least if some of them have been changed since about December 2008. For instance many of the colors in adjoining Depew Park were changed this spring, after publication. The map has been corrected and is available at http://www.nynjtc.org/image/blue-mountaindepew-park-map-0. We have not rechecked Blue Mt since December 2008.

The Trail Conference does not maintain the trails in Blue Mt. They are maintained by the County with some help from the mountain bikers who tend to add spray painted trails frequently.

Walt Daniels

July 11, 2009
Blue Mountain Reservation Loop Hike
NOT FUN! Very poorly marked. I also think the blaze colors and Park checkpoint numbers have changed since dan chazin did the hike. I must admit you had it classified properly. Too easy! But that's my own fault. i do like Dan's hikes for the most part. Poorly maintained trails.