Hike Reviews

September 08, 2014
Another Peter's Kill Hike
Fantastic pictures from one of our regular contributors, Daniella Wagstaff. Use this link: http://gonehikin.blogspot.com/2014/09/minnewaska-state-park-ny-peters-ki...,
April 07, 2014
GPS Coordinates
Both map marker and GPS coordinates have been corrected to the West Trapps Parking Lot.
April 06, 2014
Stunning views
The gunks have stunning views, even in early spring when trees are yet to bud. Some time, I have to get there during leaf peeping season.    The parking areas fill quickly, so it is a good thing to be prepared for if you don't arrive early. We typed in the GPS coordinates, and our GPS took us past the West Trapps parking lot, then the next right and ended closer to the Cox parking lot. This was actually fine, because the West Trapps parking lot was full when we arrived. The Cox parking lot was much smaller, but had several free parking spots. The hike description also has the hike passing the Cox parking lot, so this worked out perfectly.   This hike does have some noise from the highway. The views make up for it though. The first half of the hike was moderate/strenuous with easy rock scrambling. The second half of the hike is on easy carriage roads. We did find the carriage roads by Awosting Falls still to be ice covered when we were there.   Some photos: http://agiletrekker.blogspot.com/2014/04/dickie-barre-peters-kill-and-aw...

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