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May 28, 2017
one of my least favorites..
I hike with the intention of getting "lost" in the woods...not literally of course, and this hike, while it has its moments, doesn't really give any sense of remoteness. A large portion of the hike is within sight of private homes and even meanders through the streets of a residential community for a good stretch and there are 2 or 3 street crossings in addition. The sound of leaf blowers and lawn mowers takes something away from the hike imo. I even noticed some of the blazes removed near the streets ... ( maybe the residents of this quiet community are trying to discourage groups of hikers marching down their roads)? I don't know. The best section of the hike is after crossing Miller rd and the glacial erratics.
July 13, 2014
Trail through the meadows
Daniel Chazin
I do agree that the trail through the meadows before reaching Miller Road is not well blazed and somewhat diffcult to follow.  However, using the above description, I was able to follow it on a recent hike.  As you mention, the idea is to climb up to the road, so if you hear the sound of cars and proceed in that direction, you will eventually reach the road.  It is also true that the first part of the woods road past the gate is poorly blazed, but if you follow the road a little further, you will see some blazes, and the left turn off the road is marked with a double blaze if you look carefully.  I have corrected the first typo you pointed out.  As for the distance along Lakeview Road, I'm not sure of the preccise distance, so I have not changed that part of the descripton.  Thanks for your comments!
July 12, 2014
boy was this confusing
When you get to the "meadows" before Miller Road, there are no trails and no blazes.  You can hear cars on the road and follow that.  When you pass the school and go off road at the gate, there are no blazes past the gate.  We opted to walk up Miller Road til we found the blazes on the left side of the road, which were partly covered in vegetation.  Also, 2 typos:  when you come back from the Orange Trail, make a right onto the white blazed trail, and the distance along Lakeview before you turn into the woods is more like 100 feet.  Most of this hike is well marked and well maintained.
April 08, 2014
Trail markers are accurate
Daniel Chazin
I did this hike this past Monday (April 7, 2014). There are no misleading trail markers, and relatively few are "missing."  Your comment that "shortly after crossing the first road the trail marker indicates a right turn but the trail actually goes left" does not appear to be correct.  I think I know the location you are referring to.  There are blazes on the right side of the trail there, although the trail does turn left.  But there is a double blaze, with the upper blaze offset to the left -- which indicates that the trail turns left.  This was quite clear to me.  It is true that the blazing in the meadow leaves much to be desired, but the supervisor for the area has indicated to me that he tried to improve the blazing by installing posts, but the posts were ripped out by ATV users.  If you follow the hike directions, you should be able to get through this area without undue difficulty.  Otherwise, we found that the trail was generally very well marked, and we did not have any problem following the hike route as described above.
September 23, 2013
Trail Markers
This is a great hike but be aware that trail markers are either misleading or missing.  Shortly after crossing the first road the trail marker indicates a right turn but the trail actually goes left.  Also, there is no turn marker at the meadow and the trail is very overgrown is it's not obvious. We made a small rock cairn to indicate the turn.  When you do the longer road walk the marker on the street sign indicates a left turn but you actually go straight.  At two points where there is a hard left off the trail there is no marker for the turn and the marker for the new trail is approx. 50' into the trail.  This is a slight issue after the road walk by the church.  The turn to the BW trail toward the end is more obvious. 
April 17, 2011
A long good workout
As we were going thru the trail, we were wondering if maybe we had chosen a easy trail, but the length of the trail more than made up for the lack of height ascents..We were in for a surprise waterfall (seemed seasonal too) right opposite Bear Rock. Tripod Rock was quite a site too..Maybe it was because we went a day immediately after rainfall, or otherwise, but be ready for some mosquitoes/flies in the area..Overall, a great hike, and we felt it was another day well spent
August 01, 2010
Great Directions
What a great hike! The Description is fantastic, very easy to follow. Thanks so much for posting, I would recommend this hike to anyone. Bear and Tripod Rock do not disappoint!!

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