Hike Reviews

October 04, 2018
There are a few new blazed trails...
The trail directions are still accurate, but there are a few new "color-blazed" trails off the route. They weren't on my old paper map but are on the Avenza map I downloaded. Near the start there's a blue-blazed trail. Just beyond this, there are stepping stones across a stream. With all the rain we've had recently, the stepping stone were covered with calf-high, briskly-flowing water. At the southern end of the lake, there's an orange-blazed "lake circuit" trail and the green Timber Trail. No great vistas but a nice bug-free walk in the woods on this crisp autumn day.
September 05, 2014
Easy hike!
<p>Even though this was an easy hike, I found that the trails were not marked as well as the previous person indicated. There were areas where the trails could have gone in three directions and not a mark in site. Even though it was a very pleasant day with no humidity, there were plenty of bugs!!</p>
June 24, 2012
well marked, nice hike!
<p>Very well marked, nice hike!! &nbsp;Very interesting flora and landscape. &nbsp;The wetlands in the beginning was fun to navigate though, &nbsp;The bugs were pretty bad though, for most of the hike, probably due to the wetlands, (because there are small wetlands areas off the trail here and there for most of the hike) so I would avoid this on a real hot or humid day, as well as after a lot of rain...plus the wetlands area in the beginning would be more challenging to pass though. &nbsp;Even today, we had very low humidity and the bugs were pretty bad. &nbsp;</p> <p>There really isn't anywhere to sit and rest, until you get to the gravel parking lot at the end of the pumphouse trail, but even there you'll be sitting on the ground. &nbsp;Once you get to the end of the Wingdam trail you will see a pretty, scenic dam area that has large rocks and a bench for sitting. &nbsp;We enjoyed this one!</p>