Hike Reviews

November 11, 2018
Torne Mountain Loop
Great short hike with everything. Mountain streams, several attractive views, beautiful woods and rugged trails with some scrambling.
November 06, 2018
Strenuous at Moments, but Worth It!
This hike isn't easy, but also not too difficult. The views are beautiful, the workout is great, and it takes just the right amount of time. You may see a few folks, but no large crowds generally. I did this in the winter and it was awesome!
May 14, 2015
<p>thanks for responding to this. All i can tell you is that we put those gps coordinates into our Garmin and they directed us to the parking lot at Weis Ecology Center.&nbsp;</p>
May 11, 2015
GPS Coordinates Correct
Jeremy Apgar
<p>Good to hear you enjoyed the hike!<br><br>The GPS coordinates as listed are correct, as is the 'Parking' google map.&nbsp; Some other hikes have coordinates for the parking by the former Weis Ecology Center, but these are correct as listed.<br><br>I have modified your comment to indicate that the coordinates are correct.<br><br>~Jeremy, TC Cartographer</p>
May 10, 2015
Great hike
<p>Great hike - lots of great views in under two hours.<br><br>{The following was originally posted, but moderators confirmed that the GPS coordinates are correct as listed}<em><span style="color: #999999;">BUT BEWARE: the GPS coordinates are WRONG. The actual driving directions are correct, but the GPS coordinates took us to the parking lot of an entirely different hike (it was the parking lot where the Weiss Ecology Center is/was), about 20 minutes away.</span></em></p>
September 28, 2014
beautiful hike
<p>My husband, our two teen daughters and I loved this hike on an unusually warm (hot, even!) day in late September (well, the girls complained about the heat--bring plenty of water because it's full sun at the top). We did the new Eagle Scout trail at the top--thanks, guys! Everything very well-marked, we just made wrong turn at end and overshot our car, so had to walk back along road---be sure to follow the trail markings and don't repeat our mistake! We saw a large black snake but fortunately no black bears, which sadly was on everyone's mind. Drove over to Highlands Pool afterward, another wonderful discovery. Thanks for a wonderful day!</p>
January 22, 2014
Hewitt-Butler Trail alternate route on Torne Mountain
<p>Recently, as an Eagle Scout project, an easier (but very scenic) route for the Hewitt-Butler Trail was created on Torne Mountain. &nbsp;It is pleasant and less steep than&nbsp;the original section. &nbsp;The new route is blazed blue; while the original trail is now an alternate route, blazed with a black dot centered on the blue blaze.</p> <p>For those who enjoy the steep rock scramble, it is still there. &nbsp;</p>
September 24, 2013
This is a beautiful short
<p>This is a beautiful short hike with great views (especially on a clear day). My wife, kids and I did it today and had a great time. At one point we were trying to get our bearings when we were approached by a gentleman asking if we needed help. It was none other than Daniel Chazin himself! Thank you Daniel for all the great work you have been doing! Keep going strong!</p>
October 06, 2012
Norvin Green State Forest Virtual Hike!
<p>Take a look at a virtual hike of Norvin Green State Forest!<br><br>http://njurbanforest.com/2012/10/06/hiking-torne-mountain-norvin-green-state-forest/<br><br>Plenty of Pictures!!</p>