Hike Reviews

October 21, 2017
Great Day
Sheila F.
This was a beautiful day all around. The hike was perfect for a "direction challenged" person like myself. Lots of orientation points along the way. The autumnal light shining through the trees was magic. The hike has enough climbing, descent, and level walking to be challenging in parts and conducive to meandering thoughts (like where to stop to eat and other big life questions) in others. Somehow I turned this into a 12 mile hike as I ended up in the North Parking lot. It was toward the end on the bike trail that I got lost. Still, no step was begrudged. I loved the bridges and walls and the shelter. Has anyone slept over there? I sprinkled my husband's ashes in a few places that he would have loved. After the hike I drove to Nyack and took my 6 and 8 year old niece and nephew to their school Halloween party, me in an awesome gypsy costume. My cup runneth over!
October 21, 2017
me too!
Sheila F.
loved the hike, loved the day but also ended up in the North Parking lot! lol, that was the longest part for me...getting to my car.
October 09, 2017
Beautiful hike!
Did this hike day before yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and I was glad we got to see some fall colors. The directions are pretty accurate and after reading them a couple of times, I was almost able to find my way pretty easily without a map. One tricky section is to get back on the Red Cross trail after crossing the Palisades Pkwy on the way back. You have to walk around a 100 ft after crossing the Pkwy before entering the woods again (it is easy to miss the red cross on the tree). Beautiful hike though! Very pretty views.
October 08, 2017
A few notes - Fall 2017
I did this hike yesterday and it was great. I didn't have issue finding any of the trail markings but there are 2 spots in the hike that may cause confusion... 1) Finding the beginning of the hike from the kiosk at the parking lot... The bike path is not clearly labeled right near the kiosk. If you are looking at the women's bathroom, the path to the right of it leads you eventually to the bike path. However, if you park in the back annex lot, you can actually catch the bike path right at the back of the lot. 2) At the stone William Brien Memorial Shelter and connecting to the yellow-blazed Menomine Trail... the description says to "turn left in front of the shelter" - this isn't totally accurate. What you want to do is come down the stone steps and turn left - i.e. keeping the shelter on your right from when you come down the stone steps, you will go left. Do not face the shelter and go left down that part of the yellow trail - that is the wrong way.
October 19, 2015
Great Fall Foliage Hike!
DId this trail yesteday and the comments about finding the trail when crossing the Palisades are outdated. It was easy to find the trails after both crossings. The trail is well marked and absolutely stunning for leaf peeping.    It did get a little tricky at the end following the bike path back into the south parkign lot at Anthony Wayne. We misssed a turn somehwere and overshot the south parking lot and ended up in just north of the north entrance to the lot. But I think it was our fault for not following the instructions well at the end.   
September 29, 2013
Many 1779 Markers completely faded.
I agree with some of the people about the Palisades crossing.  It seems as if someone stole a Red Cross marker and hung it on a high tree branch well before the actual entrance. After a minute of walking around and not seeing any other Red Cross markers I knew it was wrong and walked north to find the actual entrance. 1779 markers should probably be replaced inside the Bike Trail area. NYC was visible that day and the views are excellent from the top of Black Mountain :) Silvermine Lake looked pretty awesome from the viewpoint! This is a great hike and I'll surely do it again sometime.
August 05, 2013
Great hike
Manning Krull
We did this hike in summer of 2012. Like a few other commenters, we had a little trouble finding the entrance to the trail after crossing the the northbound Palisades Parkway. Would be great to have a sign there or some other more obvious marker.
April 08, 2012
Nice Hike
Hiked this solo on Good Friday. After crossing Palisades Pkwy, did not come across another hiker until coming back across the Palisades Pkwy. On a clear day, such as I had, you can see the Manhattan skyline from the top of Black Mountain. Trails are marked clearly enough along the way, did not have any problems. (Always bring trail maps.) With a few stops along the way, completed the hike in 4.5 hours. Would do this hike again. The south parking lot was closed, no biggie.
October 27, 2010
Black Mountain Loop red cross not marked
Hiked trail yesterday 10/26/10. Great trail for fall Foliage. Just becareful After crossing the North Bound Palisades Parkway ,the red cross trail is not marked and is hard to find.
November 28, 2009
trail maintenance on red cross trail and blowdowns
Hi, I hiked the red cross on the West side before the Palisades Parkway, and many trees were inadequately marked. Many of the blazes were faded, and in some parts where there was to be a turn mark, that had weathered away. The other side of the Palisades (Red Cross Trail, eastern portion), was in better shape. I did encounter one blowdown on the Red Cross trail, and one blowdown (the tree snapped and fell right in front of me about 30 feet uphill on the AT portion of the hike while climbing Black Mountain. The dead tree managed to somehow get caught on another small tree and did not completely fall to the ground. Due to the high winds today (25+mph), it was inevitable that some trees would be more inclined to fall. If one were to do the red cross trail in the Winter, I do not think anyone could safely navigate without reflective red on white. The tree bark on the Western side of that trail is very coarse, and it would be easier to just put up 2" by 3" high markers. It is also extremely hard to find the trailhead heading back eastward after crossing busy Palisades traffic. Thank you for letting me address these concerns, as I think this is a great trail to hike on.