Hike Reviews

October 26, 2017
Not the best I've done
Marie from France
Easily accessible with Metro North. The first half of the trail is a pretty steep climb, the second part is less strenuous but crowded. There are several nice views over the Hudson river, but you can always see some houses and buildings.
June 21, 2017
Trailhead coordinates have been corrected
Daniel Chazin

The trailhead coordinates were indeed incorrect (they were on the opposite side of the river!) but they have now been corrected.

June 20, 2017
Trailhead coordinates are wrong
It appears the coordinates for the trailhead do not match up with where the trailhead actually is.
May 28, 2012
Timber Rattlers on Breack Neck
They are all over the East Highland trials and Doddletown also.  They are to  be avoided.  This article will make you think twice about a close encounter: http://www.venomousreptiles.org/articles/345?venomsid=f065e3fa57ac4a0dab...
May 27, 2012
5-26-2012 - Timber Rattesnake sighting - Yellow Trail
It would be great if you could post a link to your pictures.
May 27, 2012
5-26-2012 - Timber Rattesnake sighting - Yellow Trail
For all hikers on breackneck Ridge and Sugarloaf Mountain: On the yellow trail halfway between red and blue intersections, on the sugarloaf mountain side (past the famous dead tree overlooking the Hudson), i had a very close encounter with what i now know to be a Timber Rattlesnake, about 4 ft in length.  It was perfectly still in the grass, yellow in color dark stripes with a nice size rattle.  It did not threaten me or my dog, but please understand these are rare snakes, threatened species in NY and should be taken very seriously.  Venomous snakes should not be handled or disturbed.  I nearly walked right into it, and my dog thankfully cruised right by it without noticing thankfully.  I have some incredible pictures as I had my SLR with me. There are only 200 of these snakes in NY according to web sites and DEP accounts.  Be on the lookout, and never disturb them. 
May 18, 2012
Just did this hike yesterday
With two german shepherds.  No scrambles though some rocky spots.  I believe I used my hands just once in going down along the white trail.  We took only 3.5 hours to do it (versus the 5 hours noted above), but we are fast and since I was hiking alone with the dogs didn't sit around too much despite taking alot of photos.  In my opinion it's a more moderate route though longer route to the second knob of Breakneck than the route up the undercliff trail from Bull Hill/Mt Taurus (if you go past the red bypass trail you'll reach the second knob, and you can go back to the red to get back to the Wilkinson trail).  Plus you're directly above the Bannerman Castle along the top of Sugarloaf.
November 05, 2011
Any real scrambling?
Sounds beautiful but seems from the description as if there's no real ands-and-feet scrambling, like there is on Breakneck Ridge hike. Am i correct?