Hike Reviews

April 16, 2014
Most trails are open
I have hiked there recently and almost all trails are open. You can hike to Bear Rock or Tripod Rock, etc. with no problems.  The exception is the blue trail going to Turkey Mountain from Boonton Turnpike up the "100 steps". The power company has obliterated this section of  trail (looks like a war zone with no trees, no blazes, etc.), although most of the "100 steps" are stll there. I do not know when the power company will finish their work in this section of trail and when park management will reblaze and reopen it.    
April 15, 2014
Trails opened?
Are all the trails at Pyramid now open?
September 25, 2013
Beautiful...and some updates!
Couldn't have asked for a better day for hiking--mid 60s, perfectly clear, and sun everywhere. These directions were spot-on, and I followed everything to a T. To people reading this--I'm pretty sure they're finished with construction. I went on the "closed" trails and they were totally clear. Estimated completion time for the trails was fall 2013, so it looks like they're just about done.   Great hike, excellent views, and really peaceful.