Hike Reviews

July 17, 2019
Favorite Go-To, Quick and Easy
This is one of my favorite hikes for when I don't have a lot of time to do a longer hike. Though short and sweet, you still get a great scenic viewpoint and a nice experience through the woods on the way out.
August 21, 2016
 True, the route has changed
<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>True, the route has changed a bit. The old route was getting very eroded in places, and had several places with bare rock that could be slippery in wet or snowy conditions and where a lot of trail widening occurred. The new route ia slightly longer (0.15 miles) and safer, but it brings you to the top of Long Mountain well before the Torrey Memorial. The new route is well marked with LP Aqua blazes and does not really require a new map, but it is shown on the new Harriman map that is being produced.</p> <p>Jakob Franke, Chair LP South</p>
August 20, 2016
path has changed
<p>The hike that is listed has changed. There are new trail markings but I did the old way as I am familer with it. follow the aqua trail markings but I am not sure where you can get a map.</p>
January 31, 2016
great quick hike
<p>Did this on a Sunday and loved it. Snow was on the ground and it was fun. Only thing to watch out for is if it snows, some of the markings are on the rocks. You can still figure the way out but twice had to think about it. Good hike for all levels.</p>
July 24, 2014
Nice short hike
<p>Did this short hike in July 2014. Hot, humid day but the tree cover made a big difference. Trail was easy to find and follow. The climb to the top was pretty easy. Very nice view considering its only a 2 mile hike. Coming down the back side had some steep sections, nothing really too bad. Really liked the woods road and the stream that ran next to it. Took some nice pictures. If you go mid-day bring your lunch. It's really nice at the top and a good place to enjoy some trail food and water</p>
March 29, 2013
Nice views
<p>We were looking for a short hike, and tried this hike today. The summit has really nice views in multiple directions. Here are some photos:</p> <p><a href="http://agiletrekker.blogspot.com/2013/03/long-path-to-long-mountain-summit.html">http://agiletrekker.blogspot.com/2013/03/long-path-to-long-mountain-summit.html</a></p>
October 26, 2010
Best Hike for the Least Effort
We did it this weekend and didn't get on the trail until 4:30 pm. It took very little time to get to the top. The views are fantastic, especially now (foliage season). Then we came down the switchbacks (steeper than we expected!) to the gorgeous little brook. The unmarked road is easy to find if you know where to look for it. The whole thing, with kids and plenty of stopping for pictures, took about 90 minutes. I highly recommend it if you're short of time or just not a very aggressive hiker.