Hike Reviews

August 01, 2017
Anthony Wayne Trail very overgrown
I did a variation of this hike on July 30, 2017. The section of the Anthony Wayne Trail between Route 6 (Long Mountain Parkway) and Seven Lakes Drive is very overgrown. In some sections, the weeds were waist high, and if not for the blazes on the trees, it would have been impossible to follow the trail. As the Anthony Wayne Trail nears Seven Lakes Drive, the weeds were over my head and I am 6 feet tall. Other than that, a nice hike.
June 26, 2016
Great up to Route 9 then becomes dangerous
On 6/26/2016, I attempted this loop hike with my wife. It was fun and great...until Route 6. As user 'stretchfab' had mentioned in the previous comment, near the end of the hike at Route 6, we could not find the continuation of white-blazed AW Trail. It was very dangerous to cross Route 6 with cars traveling at 40+ MPH in both directions. We tried to find the opportunity to cross but it was near impossible (at around 1200 hours). We had to walk back to the AW Rec Parking Area via Route 6, passed the roundabout (dangerous but it had to be done for us to go home), walked alongside the Palisades Interstate Pkwy and finally to Exit 17 AW Recreation Area where we parked our car. Just a warning.
November 10, 2013
An enjoyable hike.
While not too strenuous at all, this is a nice little hike that anyone should be able to do without exerting too much energy. Despite the trail being covered in leaves for most of the way, the trail was not too rugged or difficult anywhere. The lakes were really nice this time of year. The trail is marked very well and as usual the directions were accurate. I liked the Revolutionary War Signs and the brief history they gave. Would gladly do this one again and maybe extend it a little next time.
August 30, 2011
Queensboro & Turkey Hill Loop from AW Rec Area
My wife & I really like your hikes . Just 2 notes re this hike: 1.The white blazes to turn left to the AW Trail at the SW corner of the lake are very tough to spot the 1st time and should be noted (we missed them and after about 1/2 mi realized something was amiss and came back). 2.Near the end of the hike at Rt 6 we never did find our way to a continuation of the trail across the road. Must have missed a marker but we ended up by the roundabout and found our way back to the AW Rec area.