Hike Reviews

March 04, 2012
In response to sfratini
You are right- the hike is very interesting. But enter at your own risk at the moment. The maps have yet to be updated at the entrance, there are currently 2 red trails, yet one is NOT marked on the map. Neither have the Green, Orange, Yellow and Red #2 trails been added to the map. If you stick to the White trail to Blue Trail- that is a 1 hour hike that takes you up to and through the Quarry. The park is in Yorktown, NY at the end of Morris Lane, off of Lexington Avenue.  As for bringing your dogs, the rules posted at the entrance are somewhat confusing. One sign says "No Dogs", while another is asking you to "leash your pets." This is a great place to bring your dog and many, many people do. Please be a responsible dog owner though and clean up after your dog, otherwise it will ruin it for those who enjoy being able to explore the woods with our favorite four-legged companions.
December 31, 2011
How to get your own driving directions
  1. Click on the Map tab.
  2. Click on the View Sylvan Park Preserve link to enlarge the map.
  3. Right click on Blue Baloon.
  4. Right click on Directions to Here.
  5. Enter your address in the A box.
  6. Click on Get Directions.
Personalized directions will appear in Google. Sylvan Glen Park Preserve is in Mohegan Lake, NY. If you have further problems, feel free to contact me at [email protected]
December 30, 2011
Where is it?
Very hard to figure out where this is based on the driving directions ... "Sylvan Glen Park" does not show up when doing a Google Maps search.  It would help to provide the name of the town where this is located with an intersection close to the park.  Don't mean to sound negative. The hike itself looks very interesting. 

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