Hike Reviews

November 28, 2019
What great photos and
<p>What great photos and beautiful dogs !!!</p>
October 10, 2017
Interesting park features
Did a slight variation of this hike since I was pressed for time. Took the right fork to Sams point, then to the ice falls, then went to indian rocks, then to high point, and back. As of 10/10/17 most of the park is still open. Evidence of the wildfire is hard to miss, though. It's certainly something you don't see everyday.
October 20, 2015
Thank you for the clarification and correction
<p>Thank you for your comments and clarification. &nbsp;I guess I should have taken the left fork at the wooden sign that read 'Trails" pointing toward the left and that was the continuation of the High Point Road. &nbsp;</p>
October 20, 2015
I think that you took the wrong trail
Daniel Chazin
<p>You refer in your comment to an overgrown connector trail between the High Point Road and the High Point Trail. &nbsp;Shawangunk Trails Map 104 does indeed show such a connector trail, and it is very likely overgrown and nearly impossible to follow. &nbsp;As I recall, when I was last there, in August 2013, I could not find this connector trail. &nbsp;But the hike directions do not instruct you to take this unmarked, overgrown trail. &nbsp;Rather, the hike description tells you to follow the High Point Road all the way to its junction with the High Point Trail. &nbsp;This red-blazed trail extends all the way to High Point Road, and when I was there in August 2013, the junction was plainly marked by a large sign and red blazes. &nbsp;And I am quite certain that the route of the High Point Trail from there is well blazed and easy to follow. &nbsp;So, in sum, you must have turned in the wrong place. &nbsp;Had you followed the High Point Road all the way to its junction with the red-blazed High Point Trail, you would have been able to complete the entire hike as described.</p>
October 19, 2015
Going from Highpoint Road to Highpoint Trail
<p>I tried following your direction with a map this past weekend. &nbsp;When I went past the wooden sign on the Highpoint Road that read "Trail" and took the right fork, I could not find any trail or trail marker. &nbsp;I was looking for the red trail markers that led to the Hightpoint Trail. &nbsp;All around the area seemed to be a lot of overgrown vegetations. &nbsp;</p> <p>I finally gave up and returned to the parking lot and took the right fork that led me to the Verkeerder kill Falls Trail. &nbsp;</p> <p>At the end of my hike, I stopped by at the park information booth and asked about the "connector" trail that would have led me from Highpoint Road to Hightpoint Trail. &nbsp;The answer that I got was that yes, there is a trail, but it is not well maintained and very very difficult to follow. &nbsp;I would not have been able to tell whether I was looking at the trail or not. &nbsp;</p> <p>It seemed that most people take the right fork from the parking lot that leads to the Verkeerder kill Falls trail then Highpoint trail. &nbsp;I don't know if many take the loop in reverse direction as you have described here. &nbsp;</p>
July 18, 2015
Be Wary
<p>My wife and I took this hike yesterday, 7/17/15, along with a trek down to the Ice Caves and it was a terrific hike.&nbsp;We&nbsp;took the hike in reverse order of the trip outlined in the hike description.&nbsp;&nbsp;The trails are quite tight in spots with abundant vegetation so the trail view is sometimes obscured making for slower going but that, of course is quite manageable.&nbsp; The major word of caution we would offer, however, is to "look before you leap" in that we came across a good sized rattle snake making its way across the rock tiers near the falls.&nbsp; The snake was not threatening to us in that it was on a lower rock tier, but the fact is, the rattlers are out their doing their thing so be cautious as you work your way over the trails and climb the rocks.</p> <p>As noted, the hike was terrific with lots to see.&nbsp; The Ice Caves were&nbsp;fantastic to explore&nbsp;and the falls, though&nbsp;not at peak, were a visual treat.&nbsp; The vegetation, especially the ferns and the new growth on the pines, added to the hike's allure. The hike from the falls to High Point is a good one with a great many scenic viewpoints along the rock ledges.&nbsp; As for the final 3 mile trek back to the visitor's center on the High Point Carriage Road, don't expect much.&nbsp; It almost has an "industrial complex" feel to it, especially around the towers so just think of it as a means to an end.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Lastly, it is a long hike, especially if you plan to visit the Ice Caves so plan to make a day of it.</p>
September 29, 2014
Stunning fall hike
<p>I've always wanted to go to the gunks during fall foliage season. This hike is stunning! There are so many good views. Leave lots of time for the hike so that you can take it all in. We did the Ice Caves loop as well.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Some photos showing the outstanding leaf color</p> <p><a href="http://agiletrekker.blogspot.com/2014/09/sams-point-indian-rock-high-point-and.html">http://agiletrekker.blogspot.com/2014/09/sams-point-indian-rock-high-point-and.html</a></p>