Hike Reviews

May 03, 2019
Park at McAtee and Wolfe if trail through river is impassable
The trail in the river shown in the hike description photo was completely submerged. We drove up to McAtee Lane and Wolfe Drive, where the MacEvoy trail heads into the woods at the end of the road. (Put 98 Wolfe Drive, Wanaque, into your GPS, and it should get you there.) We skipped the Indian Rock Trail altogether, and otherwise had the same hike as described, just with a different lollipop stick. Great hike. I don't know how often that trail would be underwater, but at least you find out almost immediately after leaving the car. I believe I got a picture of Profile Rock, but I'm not sure if this was it: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kleepet/47714805452/in/dateposted/
April 30, 2017
Great Hike
Did this hike last summer in August and it was beautiful. Went by bus and the directions were very clear, trails were well marked. We missed one very sharp turn and went the wrong path for a bit but quickly retraced our steps and saw the right path soon enough. This hike had a very nice mix of different landscapes and the ridge was very cool to walk across. The ponds and Ramapo Lake were completely covered in beautiful lily blossoms when we went.
August 27, 2014
This trail is a winner!
<p>I've been hiking 1-2 times a week this Summer and this trail was probably the best marked trail. Would like to thank David Chazin for all his hiking descriptions!&nbsp;</p>
June 02, 2012
This hike (and any others
Michael K7
<p>This hike (and any others that start at the same trailhead) should be updated to show that they are accessible by public transportation. &nbsp;There is a NJT bus (#197) that leaves from Port Authority, and stops right at 2nd Ave (and maybe 4th ave as well). The walk from the bus stop to the trailhead is a bit lengthy, but not extreme.&nbsp;</p> <p>Also, if you go west (on Doty Road, following the Posts Brook Trail) from the bus stop at 2nd Ave, you can access Norvin Green State Forest, and those trails, although this is a quite lengthy walk from the bus stop to the trails.</p>