Castle Point Trail - Longer Loop

Ramapo Mountain State Forest

Ruins of the Foxcroft mansion - Photo by Daniel Chazin Ruins of the Foxcroft mansion - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike runs along the shore of Ramapo Lake and climbs to the ruins of an old stone castle and tower.

41.047479, -74.251313

Cross to the east side of Skyline Drive, where a triple-white blaze on a telephone pole opposite the parking area marks the start of the Todd Trail. Follow this white-blazed trail as it winds downhill on a rocky footpath and then ascends from a shallow ravine. In half a mile, the trail turns right onto a woods road. Follow the white blazes as they bear left onto another woods road, soon...

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May 10, 2017
Great hike and views of NYC, but blazes missing
Just did this hike today. The blazes for the Todd trail (white) have been scratched off or removed from the trail. The trail can be sort of followed but I wouldn't recommend following it for those who are easily lost. On the right and left side of skyline drive the blazes are missing. This hike can be done in sort of reverse, though. You can follow the red/white trail from the parking lot until it hits the red c trail. Take a right at the red c and follow it until it joins with the white blazed castle trail. Turn left onto the white trail and follow it until that trail meets the blue trail at the edge of the lake. Follow the blue trails until they meet with the yellow near a stone bridge. Then, take the yellow back to the parking lot. A trail map of the area can be found here: Also, as a side note, the castle monument is full of litter and trash. There is a house along the blue trail that has cans for trash and recyclables. Please do your part to help clean up the park. I picked up water bottles until my backpack was full. Even if you can take just one bottle, it helps in the long run. Always remember, carry in carry out.
August 09, 2016
Missing blazes have been replaced
Unfortunately, during the past year, vandals have removed blazes from portions of the Todd Trail.  Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, the missing blazes have been replaced.  As of today (August 9, 2016), it is possible to follow the entire route of this hike without any difficulty.
Daniel Chazin
July 05, 2016
Missing Blazes
Hiked this trail for the first time 7/3.  As you near the end of the first 1 1/2 miles, the white blazes are gone.  There are several well-worn paths that all lead to Skyline Drive, but not sure which was the intended route.  Also, there is no white blazing at the start of the other side of Skyline Drive.  Enter by the Hiker signpost , go by the yellow gate and take the trail to the LEFT.  Soon you will come upon the footbridge and the white blazes resume.  All in all, a great hike. 
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