Sugarloaf Hill and Osborn Loop Trail

Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve

View of rocks along trail - Sugarloaf Hill and Osborn Loop Trail - Hudson Highlands State Park - Photo: Daniel Chazin View of rocks along trail - Sugarloaf Hill and Osborn Loop Trail - Hudson Highlands State Park - Photo: Daniel Chazin

This loop hike follows carriage roads of a former estate and climbs to an outstanding viewpoint over the Hudson River and the Bear Mountain Bridge.

41.370278, -73.945

From the parking area, head north into a field. You will notice a blue-blazed trail, which curves to the right. Follow the blue-blazed trail east across the field, with blazed posts marking the route. At the eastern edge of the field, the trail climbs into the woods, soon reaching a woods road. Follow the blue-blazed trail as it turns right onto the woods road and descends slightly. Soon, you’...

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September 02, 2013
Directions from the train
If you are taking the train to Garrison and do not have a detailed map, this is the most direct route to the start of the trail: - Find the stone pillars (marked Arden Highlands) at the southern end of the train station parking area - Follow that trail (blue markers) passing over a narrow wooden bridge and then coming to a metal bridge over the tracks. If you continue straight at that junction (and do not take the bridge) you will be on a white trail that will bring you to the Garrison Institute (0.5 - 1 mile to Garrison Institute from the train station) - You can get to the main road by walking up the stairs and around the side of the main Garrison building and follow the Garrison driveway to the main road, Route 9D.  (this was not a problem when we did it and Garrison has many hiking trails in the woods surrounding it) - Walk right (south) on Route 9D for 300 feet to Wing and Wing Drive (two more stone pillars) then go left thru the pillars and you will be on the Driving directions above.  Follow the road towards the parking area then see the directions above. (If anyone knows of a route to avoid walking through Garrison Institute please update these directions for those taking the train)
May 13, 2011
Watch for ticks and turns!
I did some trail running on the Osborne Loop yesterday, and wanted to point out two things: 1- When you're headed north after leaving the Appalachian  Trail, you will come to a sharp left turn after about a mile and a half. Stay alert, as this turn is blazed with only a single blaze, and can be confusing. I believe this is the point in the hike description above where it says "after climbing to a viewpoint over the Hudson River". The turn is right before you make that climb, and needs to be blazed as a turn. 2- I found a tick on me this morning, so if you hike this trail, check yourself well after you are done. There are lots of spots where the trail needs to have branches trimmed.
Michael K7
May 06, 2010
Prickly Pear Cactus
When you reach the top of Sugarloaf Hill please be careful to not step on the prickly pear cactus. In the NY area it is not uncommon on southfacing rocky outcrops. Even though most people think of it as a desert plant it is found in almost all states and not necessarily in a desert enviroment, though typically dry.
Walt Daniels
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