Green Pond/Boston Mine Longer Loop from Elk Pen

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

This loop hike goes through the interesting Valley of Boulders, passes pristine Green Pond, and reaches the historic Boston Mine.

41.264792, -74.15426

Broken fence once used to enclose elk in The Elk Pen. Photo by Daniel Chazin.


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September 15, 2016
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June 24, 2016

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October 21, 2015
I was at Green Pond this morning and checked out the route of the hike.  I think I know where you went wrong.
Daniel Chazin's picture
Daniel Chazin
October 18, 2015
My dad and I did this hike today. We really liked it However, we got very confused after the part after Green Pond.
diamondf467's picture
December 26, 2013
elk pen paved, whoa, i need to see that with my own eyes
brianepstein81's picture
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