Suffern to Sloatsburg via S-BM, Kakiat and Pine Meadow...

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Gorge of Torne Brook along the Kakiat Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin Gorge of Torne Brook along the Kakiat Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This one-way hike, with return by Transit of Rockland's #93 bus, traverses some little-used areas of the park and passes many interesting rock formations.

41.117488, -74.155373

From the parking lot, proceed north on Orange Avenue a short distance to the trailhead on the right (just north of a large sign for the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail). Turn right and proceed rather steeply uphill, following the yellow blazes of the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail. After climbing about 200 vertical feet in 0.2 mile, you’ll reach a south-facing viewpoint from open...

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January 19, 2016
No parking passes
   The town of Suffern no longer issues daily parking passes, in fact, the location at 74 Lafayette Ave is an empty store front. You must use Parkmobile by calling  877-727-5730  and pay the $6.05 by phone or download the Parkmobile app and sign up for an account. I think there's an extra charge if you pay by phone so I recommend downloading the free app.   I took this hike yesterday in freezing temperatures and had a great hike. 2 problems arose along the way...   The strenuous portions of the trail caused me to work up a sweat which is not good in freezing temps and gusting winds, so I figured out that opening my jacket and removing  my gaiter prior to a steep climb helped midigate the problem. I would then bundle up again at the top .   Another issue was my water tube freezing up due to the exposure to the wind and cold. I use a Camelback and luckily the tube can be detached from the water bladder . I warmed up the tube with my hands, drained it and stored it in my pack, stopping occasionally to reattach it for a drink.    This hike took me the full 6.5 hrs with a few brief stops. It is advisable to use ice cleats as portions of the hike were extremely treacherous due to the dusting of snow and some ice. I only saw a few poeple towards the end of the hike near the Reeves Meadow Center.
November 21, 2015
Good Route For Running
This hike also makes for a nice trail run, if you are so inclined- i've done it many times :)
Michael K7
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