High Line from the WTC Site via The Esplanade &...

High Line-Elevated NYC Park-Rail Trail

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Hectic activities and painful memories around the World Trade Center (WTC) construction site, delightful views of and along the Hudson River, and the calming, almost spiritual design of the High Line comprise a unique and splendid three-part hiking experience that can be found only in Manhattan.

40.73947, -74.008327

My favorite hikes are in Harriman State Park, where one can find trails offering great natural beauty and, even on the busiest of days, solitude for miles at a time with elevation changes measured in hundreds of feet. So it was with some hesitation combined with high expectation that I decided to take a train from northern New Jersey into...

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May 29, 2011

Click for slide show of Section 2 from the New York Times published before ope

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Phil McLewin
May 26, 2011

News from the Friends of the Highland [May 24, 2011]

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Phil McLewin
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