Highlands Trail/Pine Swamp Trail/Ogden Mine Railbed Loop

Mahlon Dickerson Reservation

Saffin Pond - Photo by Daniel Chazin Saffin Pond - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs to the Headley Overlook, goes over the highest point in Morris County, passes the unusual Pine Swamp and follows the railbed of the historic Ogden Mine Railroad.

41.007884, -74.586525

On the southeast side of the parking area, you will notice a triple black-diamond-on-teal blaze, marking the start of a connector trail to the Highlands Trail. Follow the black-diamond-on-teal blazes, which head east along Saffin Pond. Several side trails on the right lead to viewpoints over the pond.


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November 12, 2019
Thanks for posting your comment!

Thank you so much for posting your comment!  As a result, I have been alterted to a very significant change in the route of the Highlands Trail that has a major impact on the entire trail system in Mahlon Dickerson.  No one had previously alerted me to this change.  I have now revised the hike so that it follows the new route of the Highlands Trail (which also reduces the length of the hike by a mile).

Daniel Chazin
November 10, 2019
More changes here..
Hiked here 11/10 . There are some very confusing trail closures and detours here . The Highlands trail is closed at the T intersection where the bench is located and you can no longer turn right. I followed the detour which is a combined yellow rectangle and a teal diamond to the left. This led to a couple of Y's and T's and by chance got to the Headley Overlook . ( my map is 2011 edition and basically useless). A bit further along the teal trail I took an unmarked trail to the left which on my old map was marked yellow' and it brought me back to the yellow marked trail then to an intersection with a kiosk which had a current map. I followed the white marked trail to a T and a hand written sign by the TheHighlandsTrail.org that directed me to a dirt road leading back to Saffin Pond. Am ordering the new maps ASAP. All in all a nice park with nice views.
August 23, 2015
Hike has been updated
Today, I walked the entire hike and updated it as necessary. As to your comment regarding the railbed of the Ogden Mine Railroad, it should be noted that the park map shows this railbed as a green-blazed trail. There is a single green blaze just south of the intersection with the orange-blazed woods road, which shows that you are on the correct route, but as of this writing, there are no other green blazes along the railbed.
Daniel Chazin
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