Monks Trail Circular

Long Pond Ironworks State Park

This loop hike passes by remnants of the abandoned Winston Iron Mine and climbs to a viewpoint over the Monksville Reservoir.

41.136827, -74.30618

At the southern end of the parking area, a yellow gate with a triple white blaze marks the start of the Monks Trail. You’ll be following this trail for the entire hike. Proceed ahead for 50 feet, then turn left, following the white-blazed trail into the woods (the trail to the right, also blazed white, will be your return route).

The trail continues along the hillside, parallel to the...

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February 26, 2022
Start from the Northern Boat Launch (Not the Southern!)
My wife and I hiked and enjoyed this moderate loop in late September 2021. We made one big mistake, however: in my rush to get out of an apple-picker gridlock on the main road, we unknowingly started from the Southern Boat Launch. Although we proceeded in the clockwise direction, I could not figure out why the description seemed out of sync with our experience. I finally figured out the mistake when we arrived at the starting point at the Northern launch. No big deal, but I'm glad I got myself reoriented with a good laugh before falsely criticizing Daniel Chazin! We found the hike to be on the easier side of moderate, and it offered a variety of views of the reservoir and surrounding mountains. We would normally seek a slightly longer loop more remote from fall season traffic, but this hike was great to fill a tight Sunday afternoon schedule.
June 06, 2014
easier, less steep going in the other direction
<p>The climb to the summit is easier and less steep if you start by taking the trail to the right and hiking the circular route in the other direction.</p>
June 06, 2014
Gasline crossing trail
<p>The Tennessee Gas Northeast upgrade is going through the trail right now. The trail is open</p>
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