Parker Cabin/Black Rock Mountain Loop from Route 106

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

This loop hike climbs five peaks, with several good views, and much up-and-down hiking.

41.234516, -74.148972

From the parking area, follow the white blazes of the White Bar Trail (horizontal white rectangles, some of which may be marked with the letters "W-B"), which proceeds uphill, heading southwest. (Do not cross Route 106.) When you come to a fork at the top of a rise, bear left and follow the White Bar Trail as it descends rather steeply and then climbs a second hill, known as Carr Pond Mountain...

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Trip Reports

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April 09, 2016
completed this hike this morning. The white bar trail has a lot of fallen trees/branches and the trail blazes in some parts are either missing or faded. Otherwise it was a nice hike.
mp12420's picture
February 21, 2016
After researching hikes this morning, I happily picked this hike only to find Rt. 106 CLOSED.
Cynthia K's picture
Cynthia K
February 03, 2016
Good hike, but bring a telescope for the first portion -- the W-B bars are not only tiny, but rubbed out half the time.
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