Parker Cabin/Black Rock Mountain Loop from Route 106

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

West-facing view from the Nurian Trail on Black Rock Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin West-facing view from the Nurian Trail on Black Rock Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs five peaks, with several good views, and much up-and-down hiking.

41.234516, -74.148972

From the parking area, follow the white blazes of the White Bar Trail (horizontal white rectangles, some of which may be marked with the letters "W-B"), which proceeds uphill, heading southwest. (Do not cross Route 106.) When you come to a fork at the top of a rise, bear left and follow the White Bar Trail as it descends rather steeply and then climbs a second hill, known as Carr Pond Mountain...

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February 25, 2017
Tough one, but worth it
Enjoyed the hike on a way too early Spring day on 25 Feb. R106 was closed, but we took the chance drove past the barriers and found the road clear. I suspect they close it over the winter because they don't plow the snow. Unlike last weekend's slashy hike in Sterling, there was no sign of snow today. There are lot of ups and downs and some are a decent climb. The views are worth it. Make sure you swing by the shelter which you will see to the right, .15 mile after you crossed the Victory trial. Don't be tempted to head straight back to your car when you get to R106. Cross it a little lower to the right and enjoy the gradual climb to the top of Black Rock. Make sure you turn left when you see the blazes for the start of the White trail. I saw the Red blaze, that we were on, and three White blazes and for some reason ignored it. Hike about .25 mile until I realized that we're going in the wrong direction. Would love to do it in the late summer again.
April 09, 2016
Requires trail maintenace
completed this hike this morning. The white bar trail has a lot of fallen trees/branches and the trail blazes in some parts are either missing or faded. Otherwise it was a nice hike.
February 21, 2016
Road Closed at 106
After researching hikes this morning, I happily picked this hike only to find Rt. 106 CLOSED.  After talking wth a driver who came from behind the closed road signs and says he "always crossed through there", I decided to bypass the signs and drive the 2.2 miles to the trailhead.  A group of three hikers passing by, told me they received a ticket on their car for parking there.  And as they were telling me that, a park ranger drove up and threatened to give me a ticket for "passing over the yellow line" and "driving on a closed road".  According to him, Harriman closes the road from Dec 1-April 1.  After my further pressing to understand why, he said Harriman doesn't maintain the roads.  I'm not sure how the Feb 3, 2016 hiker who commented escape unscathed.  The park ranger waited for me to leave.  I sure would have appreciated knowing this road was closed prior to my unsuccessful hike today.  It sure wasn't what I was hoping for today.    THE ROAD IS CLOSED FROM DEC 1-APRIL 1, annually.  The only way you can get to this trailhead, without risking a ticket, is walking the 2.2 miles uphill and next to noisy I 87.  You may want to wait until after April 1.  All good wishes.
Cynthia K
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