Patriots' Path (Bernardsville to Morristown)

Morristown National Historical Park

Reconstructed Soldiers' Huts - Photo by Daniel Chazin Reconstructed Soldiers' Huts - Photo by Daniel Chazin Soldiers' Huts - Photo by Daniel Chazin Soldiers' Huts - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This relatively level hike passes through Morristown National Historical Park and follows a portion of the route of the former Rockaway Valley Railroad, with access by NJ Transit train to each end of the hike.

40.717098, -74.571304

From Summit, take an NJ Transit Gladstone Line train to Bernardsville. On weekends, trains run hourly, departing at 14 minutes after the hour. (Be sure to buy your ticket from a machine at the station; otherwise, you may be charged a penalty by the conductor.) For more information, contact NJ Transit, (973) 762-5100,

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July 23, 2018
Closure of Patriots' Path in Morristown

Thanks for your comments on my hike.  Regarding the closure of the Patriots' Path between Cory Road and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in Morristown, my understanding that this is a technical closure due to a legal issue.  Although there is no obstacle blocking the route of the Patriots' Path in this area, the route goes along the former NJ Transit Morristown Yard (once used to store active passenger rail cars for trains originating in Morristown, but now used only occasionally to store maintenance-of-way equipment).  Apparently, the Morris County Park Commission has not been able to obtain permission from NJ Transit to route the Patriots' Path along this yard, and that is why this section of the Patriots' Path is officially closed to the public.

Daniel Chazin
July 23, 2018
A nice long walk in the woods
Completed this hike on Saturday July 21, 2018 in a little under 5 hours (station to station). That included a relatively short couple of stops but a full 8 hours for this one would be quite a leisurely pace. Thanks for the detailed descriptions Daniel - they made navigation a breeze. Certainly not the most scenic of hikes - there's a lot of time in swampy lowlands (bring bug spray) - but would be ideal for those keen for a trail run. Enjoyed the historical portions, the soldier's huts and occasional plaque offer the chance to absorb some history of the Revolutionary War. Also, the Speedwell Dam at the end was a delightful surprise - what a spillway! PS - the Patriots' Path was 'closed' heading in to Morristown around Lake Pocahontas (from Cory Road to Martin Luther King Ave). Unclear why and a bit disappointing.
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