Shore Trail/Long Path Loop via Carpenters Trail from...

Palisades Interstate Park -- NJ Section

George Washington Bridge from the Shore Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin George Washington Bridge from the Shore Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike descends to the Hudson River, with panoramic views, and climbs to the Palisades cliffs on the stone steps of the Carpenters Trail.

40.851025, -73.963246

Note: Leashed dogs are permitted in Palisades Interstate Park, but dogs are not permitted in Fort Lee Historic Park, where this hike begins.

Follow a macadam path that leads into the woods on the west side of the parking area, bearing left at the fork. After descending steps, continue along a concrete sidewalk parallel to the park entrance road. At the...

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April 09, 2017
Great hike, took a different route
Views over the palisades and GWB were great. NYC skyline was visible on a clear april day. I parked in ross dock to avoid parking fees. Parking fees on Ross Dock start in May, while the ones at Fort Lee is year round. The hike is easy to pick up from Ross dock. Just pick up the loop from the trail on the riverbank heading towards NYC and the large steps will come in on the right. From there you could either go up the steps or further towards NYC, the trail will switchback up around Henry Paulson Drive and back into fort lee. Just follow the blue blazes back into the woods and onto the stone steps.
April 05, 2017
Hike coordinates have been corrected

The coordinates that were shown for this hike were clearly incorrect.  They have been corrected and will now direct users to the Fort Lee Historic Park.  Thanks for pointing out the problem!

Daniel Chazin
April 05, 2017
Coordinates of hike is off
The coordinates of this hike are not correct as of 4/5/17. The current coordinates will send google maps users directly on to i-95 instead of Fort lee. The correct coordinates are 40.8508298, -73.96267009999997. Google maps users can just plug "Fort Lee Historic Park" into the destination to get a closer result.
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