Shore Trail/Long Path Loop via Carpenters Trail from...

Palisades Interstate Park -- NJ Section

This loop hike descends to the Hudson River, with panoramic views, and climbs to the Palisades cliffs on the stone steps of the Carpenters Trail.

40.861732, -73.975239

Note: Leashed dogs are permitted in Palisades Interstate Park, but dogs are not permitted in Fort Lee Historic Park, where this hike begins.

Follow a macadam path that leads into the woods on the west side of the parking area, bearing left at the fork. After descending steps, continue along a concrete sidewalk parallel to the park entrance road. At the...

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August 16, 2013
My fiance and I did a variant on this hike yesterday. We included the walk from the 175th Street 'A' train station, across the GW to Ft. Lee Park, and then back under the bridge to the LP entrance.
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