Silvermine Lake Loop

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Sunrise at the beaver lodge on Silvermine Lake, Harriman State Park - Photo Amy Comerford Sunrise at the beaver lodge on Silvermine Lake, Harriman State Park - Photo Amy Comerford

This hike loops around Silvermine Lake and climbs to the William Brien Memorial Shelter.

41.295607, -74.05961

To begin the hike, find the bridge over the stream at the southern end of the parking area (marked with a sign “Welcome to the Silvermine Boat Launch”). Here, you will see a yellow blaze of the Menomine Trail, which you will be following for the first part of the hike. Cross the bridge, then turn left onto a dirt road, passing two park maintenance buildings. Just before reaching Silvermine...

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July 05, 2016
Very nice short hike
thank you Mr. Chazin for the great descripton. Hiked my first overnight solo here in early July. Lots of people by the lake and several AT hikers around the shelter, which was actually empty. I saw deer and a garter snake (scare the h#$l out of me as it slithered across my path). At times the trail is very narrow and surrounded by a thicket of mountain laurel (i have missed the bloom unfortunately). One note, be sure to bring plenty of water as the brooks are likely going to be dry or very stagnant so even water filtration is not a good idea. there is no water source around the shelter (normal in Harriman i hear). Exept for a steep rocky climb where Menomine meets the AT, the hike is pretty easy.
July 04, 2016
Beautiful hike, additional suggestion
I hiked this loop July 3, 2016. Markings were all good. Thanks to the volunteers for the markings and a well-maintained trail. Nice views of the lake at both ends of the hike. One suggestion: Rather than turn left at the Silvermine Road, continue on the AT/RD for less than five mintues and you'll be treated to a beautiful overlook of the lake. It is a little steep, but well worth it.  Also, to avoid walking on 7 Lakes drive, veer left toward the lake when the road starts to veer to the right away from the lake. It's not eactly a trail, but it will bring you to a place just below the dam where you can cross the creek, walk over the dam, and follow a road back to the parking lot. 
June 12, 2016
Mountain Laurel Blooms in June
We were fortunate to time our hike when the mountain laurel groves were in full bloom.  In some places the trail was a fragrant tunnel through the laurel.  Views of the lake were pleasant, too, and were the only views on this loop. We found the directions to be right on, well described and true.  Could see why there might be confusion at the Brien shelter, but I would clarify that the yellow Menomine trail passes right in front of the face of the shelter, after which one should look left carefully to see the stone steps rising in the rocky slope. One minor disappointment with this loop was finishing with 10 minutes walk on the shoulder of Seven Lakes Drive.  Seems like it should not be hard to blaze a trail that connects back to the Silvermine parking lot without using the Drive.  We saw some orange marker tape tied off on some trees as if someone tried to mark out a trail - though we did not follow those markers. We stopped for a break and moved a bit slower than average, completing the hike in about 2 3/4 hours.
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