Turkey Mountain Shorter Loop via Blue, Green and Yellow...

Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area

The "100 Steps" - Photo by Daniel Chazin The

This loop hike climbs a ridge to reach a viewpoint over Valhalla Lake and passes an old stone cabin, a scenic waterfall and the remains of a limestone quarry.

40.945093, -74.391689

Walk back to the entrance to the parking area and cross Boonton Avenue opposite Mars Court. At a sign for “Turkey Mt. 100 Steps Trail,” the Blue Trail begins. Follow this trail, which parallels the road at first, then crosses beneath overhead power lines. It bears right and follows a footpath through the woods, with the power lines on the right. At one point, it comes out at the power lines...

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June 25, 2012
As you are presumably aware, the flow of water over waterfalls varies considerably, depending on recent precipitation.  In the last few weeks, we haven't had all that much rain, so there probably wasn't very much water going over the waterfall yesterday.  In light of the heavy rains we experienced this morning, it is likely that if you went back there tomorrow, you might find a lot more water going over the waterfall!
Daniel Chazin
June 24, 2012
My family and I walked this trail today and were very disappointed to find that the "beautiful waterfall" mentioned in this description is pretty much non-existant. There was a shallow brook that was in the area mentioned, but no waterfall. That being said, there were a lot of areas we walked through that looked as if they used to be underwater. Also, we did hear what sounded like a decent waterflow elsewhere on the trail, but didn't actually investigate it. 
Mama Triton
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