NJ Keep It Green Campaign

Update date: 
December 13, 2013
2009 to 2013
Issue in brief: 

The NJ Keep It Green Campaign represents 135 statewide, local and regional organizations ranging from clean water groups to sportsmen's groups to affordable housing and urban park advocates working to secure funding to protect our clean water, natural areas, farmland, parks and historic sites for our benefit today and for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.



The Keep It Green Campaign or Garden State Preservation Trust's mission is to secure a long-term stable source of funding for the acquisition of open space, farmland and historic sites as well as the capital improvement, operation, maintenance, and stewardship of state and local natural areas, parks and historic sites in New Jersey.

It consists of a three year bond worth $300 million. It will cost each family aproximently $16, less than a trip to McDonald's.

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The Keep It Green Campaign impacts the State of New Jersey in a variety of ways, through preservation of historic national landmarks, protecting agricultural land and important watersheds.

-Average home price goes up by 16% when located near permanently preserved land
-Value of a vacant lot goes up by 35%
-Parks contribute 20% of the value in homes in urban areas
-Properties listed on a historic register benefit from at least a 5% increase in market value

Workforce Benefits:


-Every $1 million spent on rehabbing historic residential buildings creates 29 jobs

-Every $1 million spent on rehabbing historic non-residential buildings creates 38 jobs
-Every $1 million spent on non-residential historic rehabilitation creates 2 more jobs spent on same money spent on new construction
-7,000 jobs are supported by their pubic recreation lands
-The development of two small parks in Brick Township for 1.5 million created 38 jobs

Preservation issues

Delaware river
-Need funds to purchase blue acres or flood prone areas to mitigate flooding and safeguard public welfare

Historic Preservation
-Over 1600 historic sites in NJ only 273 have received funding for rehabilitation
In order to help provide a stable base for agriculture in NJ 450,000 acres need to be preserved

Agricultural Preservation
-Agricultural land has decreased by 72,000 acres or 9% loss from 2002-2007.
-Since 1978, 254,000 acres have been converted to other uses, primarily residential
-In order to help provide a stable base for agriculture in NJ, 450,000 acres need to be preserved

Pinelands Preservation
-30,000 acres in the Pinelands have yet to be preserved

Barnegat bay watershed
-76,000 acres must be preserved to protect this important watershed area

Highlands Preservation
-1.3 billion is needed to acquire priority lands in the Highlands region and ensure the protection of water for over half the population of NJ
-10 years of constant funding will allow the Highlands counsel to meet its mandate

-State has 2 million acres up for grabs
-81% of Green Acre Program Grants remain unfunded
-67% of historic preservation grants remain unfunded
-70% of applications for grants for trails remain unfunded

Helping to build urban parks
-More than half of NJ adults or overweight or obese
-Less than 40% of NJ adults use exercise frequently

-Critical that parks are built within 10 minutes away from residential areas