Seven Peaks Development Proposed for Shawangunk Ridge

Update date: 
May 14, 2014
2010 to 2014
Issue in brief: 

Threat: A major development project, entitled "Seven Peaks On Mountain Road," has been proposed for the southern Shawangunks. The Seven Peaks property envelops 650 acres of the Shawangunks as it drapes over the ridge top and proceeds down the eastern flank as well as part of the western slope. See the map.

This venture incorporates 3 phases:

  • Phase I entails building a gated community with 49 houses (8500-square-foot, 6 bedrooms, 7+ baths), $8 million houses on 5-acre or larger lots.
  • Phase II comprises a 200-room hotel, conference center, spa and restaurants.
  • Phase III involves further residential development on parcels of 17 and 10 acres.

Notably, this proposal's environmental review must scrutinize Seven Peaks' impact at full build-out (all 3 phases). Analyzing only one phase at a time is "segmentation," a State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) violation.

The Mamakating planning board is the lead agency, or overseer, for environmental review of this endeavor.



April 22, 2014: Trail Conference representatives participate with BKAA, 7 Peaks, and planning board in a review and discussion of the project's preliminary FEIS. Trail Conference and BKAA left the meeting with continued concerns about the project's impact on the Ridge and the now decades-old Shawangunk Ridge Trail project. 

March 25, 2014: Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement submitted to the Planning Board.

Comments on DEIS
DEC Comments on 7 Peaks DEIS
SRC Comments on 7 Peaks DEIS

Read the Final Scoping Document: