Stephens State Park Detail Map

Stephens State Park Detail Map (snippet)


This detail map of a portion of Stephens State Park is provided to hikers as a courtesy by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.  It is adapted from Jersey Highlands Trails: Central North Region, a full color, two-map set, published by the Trail Conference.  To obtain these full-featured, waterproof, and tear-resistant maps, click here!


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sneezehorse's picture

Hi thereI'm looking at this map on line from the new Jersey Highlands series. I contributed information for this map to Craig Nunn, but now I see one thing slipped by. For future editions, the trail should be shown which connects the camp ground at Stephens with the park road across from the bridge, to illustrate the accessibility for those who wish to camp, or to backpack the Highlands Trail. Great job on this map though, it's been long needed, and the TC is always the greatest quality. regards M'ke H
Jeremy Apgar's picture

Hi Mike!   Thanks for your contributions to the map (you've been listed as a contributor on the map back)!   I will make note of this trail connection, which I remember seeing when I was last there (as the trail climbs up steps toward the campground from the bridge).  This trail was difficult to show at the scale of the printed maps, but would certainly be a good addition to this zoomed-in map. Thanks again!~Jeremy, TC cartographer