2008-09-09 Trellon status call -- meeting notes

Web Design
Tue, 09/09/2008 (All day)
Groups audience: 

Ann, Alonza, Simon


Trellon is currently waiting on us for new pdfs – they have opened a number of issues assigned to me. Doug is working on the pages we reviewed on Monday and expects to have them to Trellon this week. That should close most of the open issues.

We discussed the font sizes (too small in the main content block). If we tell them what we need, they’ll implement it. (Easy change.)

Trellon also needs the overview map widget so they can implement the map in the left column as well as the overview map page.
Doug, is this something you can provide?

When Walt gets back, Simon has a number of questions that he needs to discuss:
· Something about the top area … I’m not sure exactly what the issue is
· How to make changes to their/our site in a managed way during development

He also asked whether the spotlights and today’s highlights were created manually, or via some automated mechanism. I told him that I thought we’d be doing them manually, but he should verify with Walt.

Finally, on the Go Hiking page, one of the choices under Hike Now is “Member clubs”. We haven’t told Trellon what that page should look like. Georgette or Doug, do we have a creative design for it?

Please let me know what to tell Trellon on the two questions in boldface. In the meantime, I await the updated pdfs.