2008-09-22 Web Design Status Meeting

Web Design
Mon, 09/22/2008 (All day)

Old Business:

  1. Subteam status reports

    • Content (Georgette)

    • Technology (Walt)

    • Business model (Ed)

  2. Trellon status

    • What we need to give Trellon and when

  3. Review open action items

New Business:

  1. Join/Donate/Volunteer/Store implementation

  2. Site launch plan

Subteam discussions (if time permits)


    1. Regions discussion

    2. Data dictionary

    3. Overview map implementation – what appears?

Groups audience: 

Ed, Georgette, Phil, Doug, Ann, Walt


Minutes of 2008-9-22 Web Design status meeting

Old Business:

Subteam status reports

    1. Content (Georgette)

i. Doug provided lots of pdfs for Trellon to implement

ii. Phil requested that two fields be added to Parks database: Trails overview and Directions. (Action item for Walt)

iii. Question: where to the parks listed in the Region description com from? Answer: pulled in from the Parks database. It was also noted that a guideline for including a park in the database is that it should have a hiking trail.

    1. Technology (Walt)

i. Trellon has logged numerous changes that need to be made to our live development site in their Redmine tracking system. We should give them permission to make the changes.

ii. Going forward, we’ll need to have a live site and a development site where we can test changes before publishing them to the live site. We also need a new service provider. (Action item for Walt to decide on a provider within the week.)

    1. Business model (Ed)

i. The 2009 budget for this project includes 28% of Georgette’s time plus $20K for outside work. It also includes $15K in revenue from Google ads. Doug indicated that may be too much for the first year. He also indicated we may want to spend up to $200 per month to promote the site.

ii. We need to develop a rate card to show to advertisers. (Action item for Ed.)

iii. We need to come up with a list of 100 key words or phrases for searches and buy them from Google. (Action item for team – submit list of your top 25 or more words and phrases.)

iv. There is an entry for the Trail Conference in Wikipedia.

  1. Trellon status

    1. What we need to give Trellon and when

i. Doug needs to give Trellon a new version of the overview map. (Action item for Doug.) We discussed that up to ten top parks in each region would be shown when you click on a region in the overview map.

ii. We need to give them the pdfs for the Join/Donate/Volunteer and store pages. (Work in progress.)

iii. Walt will add to the nice menus, including fly-outs this week. (Action item for Walt.)

  1. Review open action items

    1. Two items closed; one reassigned

New Business:

  1. Join/Donate/Volunteer/Store implementation

    • We discussed types of membership on the site. Paid TC members would be automatically registered for the site, but on first use, would have to update their password. We decided to aim for three types of membership: anonymous (no edit privileges and no store discount); site member (can blog, etc, and possibly 10% store discount); full TC member (can blog, etc. and 25% store discount and eventually have enhanced access to other parts of the site). We didn’t discuss it, but there is a fourth type – internal administrative members, i.e., “US”.

    • At some future date, we should also allow member clubs to join/renew online, but not for the initial launch.

    • We decided to use the email address as the login id and to allow nicknames for posts.

    • Action: Georgette will forward Josh’s flow for Join/renew/donate to Doug and Walt so we can ensure his concerns are addressed.

    • Doug will work this week on the design of the store screens. Action: Georgette will send Doug links to the products on the web site.

    • We decided that the Go Shopping page should allow you to purchase a membership or make a donation, but this should be at the bottom, not a prominent choice. It would be desirable to have tabs for the main shopping categories at the top of the content. The tabs would reflect things like Maps, Books, Logo goods, Membership, Donate.

  2. Site launch plan

    • For launch, the site must have the following functionality: Hike of the Week, Parks, Join/Renew/Donate/Store.

    • Open question to be resolved: How is site maintenance handled? What is done by the staff and what by volunteers? What do Trail Reps do?

    • The initial approach is to give broad permissions, but set the expectation that one is not to play in playgrounds outside your responsibility. Georgette will be in charge of content.

Subteam discussions (if time permits)

  1. Content:

    1. Regions discussion

    2. Data dictionary

    3. Overview map implementation – what appears?