2008-10-20 Web Design status meeting

Web Design
Mon, 10/20/2008 (All day)

Agenda for 2008-10-20 Web Design status meeting


Old Business:
1. Subteam status reports

a. Content (Georgette)

* Term Clarifications:
Find a Hike
Hikes Database - Do we need to amend Bear Mountain-Harriman SP listing in Region field to Harriman-Bear Mountain?

b. Technology (Walt)

c. Business model (Ed)

2. Web design status

a. What else we need to give Trellon and when
* Store pages are overdue ... can we sign off on them today?
* Can we get Join/Donate/Renew pages to Trellon this week?
* Ann will ask Trellon what they intend to provide as documentation at end of engagement.
b. What we need to decide

i. Left and right column content

3. Review open action items

a. See files attached below from Projjex and from our Web site.

New Business:

1. Capturing How-To's - (Georgette) -- Can we start doing this? What do we need to ask Trellon to provide?

Examples: Selecting background color in Tables:
* Exactly what colors are we using?
* Is there a way to institute color choices as styles (for ease of use and consistency)?
* Can a row be deleted or inserted such that info in other rows will move up or down into appropriately colored new row (without having to recolor each row)? Answer: Select Table properties icon, Advanced tab, in box choose Update all even (or odd) rows
Light gray: #e7e9e9
Medium gray: #cacdcd
* Once a unit is themed (ex, Search for Hikes on Go Hiking switch page), how do we access the theme for use in similarly-designed units elsewhere (ex, Hike of the Week on the Home page)
* About inserting pictures
o I wanted to insert an image into the Spotlight block (home page), but couldn't figure out how to do it.
o Do we need to store pictures anywhere in particular in order to insert them?

Subteam discussions (if time permits)
1. Content:
a. Regions discussion
b. Data dictionary - does what Drupal provide suffice if we add adequate help text?
c. Overview map implementation - what appears?


Groups audience: 

Ed, Georgette, Walt, Phil


Web Group Meeting Minutes for Oct. 20, 2008


GW, Walt, Phil, Ed


1. Give Trellon OK for Join/Renew/Donate pages

2. Give Trellon OK for Shopping pages

3. Group discussed revised Go Hiking page w/Hikeapedia. Recommendations:

            a. Separate boxes for Search for Hike/Search for Park (GW)

            b. Revise drop-down menu from tab to match new 2nd-level sections (Walt)

            c. Hikeapedia needs a design treatment (Doug)

4. Need to ask Trellon for documentation

5.Content reviews: Phil noted he is not hearing back from everyone; we agreed this should not hold process back; GW is last resort for a second pair of eyes as a last resort


6. Walt said he needs to identify a better provider (host); he is continuing research; group agreed that preference is for one that will provide Managed Service


7. We need to get a form to Trellon for theming as part of the SOW; Volunteer Interest Form was identified as best one to provide, but it needs work.

o       Ed noted Catherine is working on process/form.

o       Walt suggested that access to the form be limited to Registered Users; indicating an interest online in volunteering will automatically register user on the site

o       Walt to speak with Catherine/Josh about form flow; then it goes to Doug for design.

o       Walt also needs to make a Report form for volunteer intestest


8. Left & Right column Content

o       Right column: ads, shopping cart

o       Left: Join/Renew, Donate, Volunteer

o       Login, Inside TC, Contact Us, Site Guide


o       Recent Popular Pages or Most Popular Links


o       No overview map


9. Business model: Ed reported on conversation with Eric Warner, who has volunteered to help TC with Google Words ad program. Ed also reported that he has applied for a Google Grant (which could fund up to $300/month for TC to use the Google Words ad program)



To Do Summary

Walt's To Do Priorities: Vol interest form, Report a Trail Problem

GW: To continue content development for HOTW

Phil: To continue content development for Parks

Doug: To design new forms as they become ready (volunteer interest; New User Form (use Drupal set-up for flow)