Volunteer Committee Meeting 5/5/09

Thu, 05/07/2009 -
13:30 to 15:00

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference Volunteer Committee

Thursday, May 7, 2009 1:00 PM


1. Youth Policy Review revision and review the following:

a. TC Youth-Program Application Form for Employees and Adult Volunteers,

b. Parental Permission Form

c. Incident Report Form

2. “Database” – Information management

Meet with Ann Gruhn and Walt Daniels to brainstorm on the management of information as it pertains to our committee and the rest of the trail conference.

Is there a way to connect our database to the web site?

Relate volunteer info to the needs of Membership and Fund raising

3. Extra Mile Award - Bob Messerschmitt

Status of Minutes: 

Dan Van Engel opened the meeting with an overview of the board retreat. The emphasis of board and the Trail Conference organization as a whole is "volunteers who work on trails". The implementation of the organization's new strategy will increase the workload of the Volunteer Committee. Dan stated that our organization depends primarily on two things - volunteers and funding. As a result, the shortcomings of the current database are an important issue, that we need to address.

Estelle said that the handbook will be sent to all trail chairs but the opening letter has not yet been signed. She also pointed out that the trail supervisors have not been told what to do with the handbook. It was agreed that the handbook should contain the date it was approved by the Board.

Mary Ann indicated that a signed welcome letter should be part of Volunteer Handbook

Chris said that we should not have actual names on web copy, just the position titles.Estelle – how to get to maintainers & other volunteers.Catherine – can put on website Chris – will chairs send to sups?

Dan – supervisor can let TC office know if paper copy to be sent. Jane to mention at tc meeting tonight

Catherine to give Dan the web link once loaded – once ‘final’ removed etc cg wll do Make h’book as part of welcome package.

Chris – workshops – do we go over the Volunteer Handbook?

Youth Policy - Dan Chazin – not a youth org. Most don’t work with youth. An indiv must have the option to back out.

Chris – what is ‘working with youth’?  Dan- the policy may make some people aware of situations that may come up. Mary Ann – if we have a policy then need to have a rigid standard – do it or not.

Dan Chazin – supervisors may chose not to work with minors or may resign.  Disqualifications No one-on-one Adult to Child. Background check is to discourage unsavoury volunteers. Catherine & volunteer chair.

Maryann – no need to keep records;
Chris will find out what AMC does.
Dan - Interview? Not required Reference checks: Dan Chazin at the discretion of vol rep or vol chair.

Chris - if any ?s are raised by b/ground checks, then we will need to find out more: e.g. their job history/cv for last 10 yrs

Chris will check AMC;  Catherine will come back with currently available TC forms/applications.

Dan - at next mtg we will review our’s & AMC’s.  Our form is revamped from ATC Youth – parental permission/medical issues/assumption of risk. Accident procedure will be standard TC procedures.

Catherine - Look for incident report form. Part of application will state that individual has read and agreed to the policy.

List of volunteers and skills with interests. Then list of available opportunities Will need to talk with supervisors to determine their needs. Jane went over history of the Trail Conference database.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm