B&G meeting - 1/13/2016

Wed, 01/13/2016 -
15:00 to 16:00
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  • Approve 12/15/2015 minutes
  • Status of open action items:

Mtg. Date





Talk to locksmith about possible ways to automate handicap ON/OFF switch.

Peter M.

12/2: Peter spoke with locksmith about syncing the handicap lock with the front door lock so the handicap feature is disabled when the front door is locked. This is not possible; however, alternatives were discussed. We can use the alarm system to disable the handicap feature but it is expensive. We agreed that Peter would call the electrician to see if the handicap feature can be put on a timer

12/15: met with locksmith. He will look into remote system for handicap access, will move 1st fl. thermostat, install wireless doorbell with chimes, light fixture for copier.


Order First Aid boxes for 1st and 2nd floor; communicate to staff.

John L.

12/15: John sent Mary what to oprder.


Order Knox box and set up with building access codes.

John L.



Peter will speak with the locksmith about creating a separate key for the tool room only

Peter M.

12/15: waiting for quote, also asking geothermal room to not lock completely


Select and order an outdoor mail drop box and have it installed.

John L., Linda R.

12/15: landscape architect will be brought in to help decide. Placement of benches and boot scrapers hould be part of the decision on where to place as these will need to be secured.


Training on released FMOP sections should be an ongoing staff practice. Some of the security topics will require mandatory training for all staff.

Ed, Mary P.

12/15: Ed, Mary P., Linda, John, Don, Josh will discuss scheduling periodic training and making staff rotation assignments.


Create clip-board practice to support the building closing procedure.


12/2: we had a great discussion but left open what to do next.


Contact HVAC contractor and building engineer to resolve HVAC installation and operation deficiencies.  Will S.  


How do we respond to requests for special events? Draft policy and prectice for special events Peter M., Suzan G., Jennifer, Ed  


Owners of building spaces should come up with drafts for signage and provide to Amber for overall design. Bring to staff meeting Mary P.  
  • Operations:
    • Heating system update - Pat M.
    • Trees
    • Special events - Mary P.
      • what is current practice when call received? 
      • need policy?
  • Implementation of released FMOP sections - Mary P.
    • Feedback on implementation
    • How are staff assigned for rotated assignments?
    • Signage implementation - what should committee do to facilitate start?
  • FMOP document sections:
    • Status of staff owned sections - Mary P.
    • Safety section - John L.
    • other building sections - create/agree on plan to complete
      • sect. 5 - utility providers - review, release
      • sect 6.1 - alarm system
      • sect 6.11 - Keying system - update to reflect tool storage room, other opdates? release?
      • sect 6.19 - special events
      • sect 7 - building systems
      • sect 11 - scheduled maintenance
  • Other topics?

Next meetings:

1/27/2016 3pm at HQ
schedule additional meetings


Please see minutes attached below.

Thank you