Conference call April 6, 2016

Policy Council
Wed, 04/06/2016 - 18:30
  • Introductions
  • Process for getting staff input (John Magerlein and Josh Howard)
    • Task forces should get staff input during drafting of policies and practices
    • Josh will coordinate staff reviews before drafts go to the RTCs and all requests should go through him
    • Review may take up to 4 weeks
  • Proposed new templates for policies and organization-wide practices (Mary Dooman, 10 min)
  • Trail Approval Task Force: (Walt Daniels, 10 min) Progress report on reworking the earlier draft trail approval process. Based on further discussion after our last meeting, task force members and staff felt the process should not adhere as closely to our old process and should focus on requirements for land manager approval and Trail Conference approval.
  • Trails Standards Task Force: (Walt Daniels, 30 min) Review edited introductory material for the Trail Design Standard; decide whether to send to RTCs for comment.
  • Trail Policy and TMG Task Force: (Chris Connolly, 30 min) Progress report and discussion; proposal to break the task force into several task forces covering Trail Management Policy, Trail Use Policy, Land Manager Relations Policy, and TMG.
  • Other business including possible need for other new or revised policies (10 min)
  • Set date for next meting or conference call
Groups audience: 

Bob Boysen, Chris Connolly, Marty Costello, Walt Daniels, Mary Dooman, Leigh Draper, Peter Hoh, John Magerlein, Keith Scherer, Fred Stern, Josh Howard. Absent and excused: Estelle Anderson, Moe Lemire, John Mack, Chris Reyling.

Status of Minutes: 
  1. Process for getting staff input
    • Josh will designate appropriate staff members to provide input during the drafting of policies and practices. After the Policy Council has agreed to a draft policy or practice, Josh will coordinate staff reviews before drafts go to the RTCs. All requests should go through him. This staff review may take up to 4 weeks.
  2. Proposed templates for policies and practices
    • Mary described the new templates for policies and practices. She noted that the TMG is a special case and may not follow the template closely.
  3. Trail Approval Task Force
    • Walt reported that the task force is continuing to rework the proposed process and a new draft should be ready before our next meeting. In general, there will be two categories: trail changes, which require approval; and trail maintenance, which does not require approval. The ATC defines maintenance such that roughly the same types of projects will require approval as under our current policy. We anticipate that most other land managers will use a similar standard.
    • We noted that the approval process depends on the trail policies we adopt. If, for example, we were to adopt a policy that multi-use trails require more approval steps than hiking-only trails, the approval process would need to reflect this.
  4. Trail Standards Task Force
    • There was extensive discussion about how the Trail Design Standard should be presented to the RTCs, some of which meet next week. We agreed that we need charts to better explain the intent of the standards and to give examples of how they would be implemented. Leigh Draper and Marty Costello will draft presentation material and will work with Walt to be sure it reflects the intention of the task force. Since it is important to communicate clearly with the RTCs, expecially for this first case, we will delay presenting this practice to the RTCs until suitable material can be prepared.
  5. Trail Policy and TMG Task Force
    • The drafting of the TMG is moving along well. Policy Council members should review the draft and comment on it before the end of April. The TMG will be drafted by Estelle Anderson, Walt Daniels, and Mary Dooman. Leigh Draper will provide input on trail assessment.
    • The task force agreed to break the Trail Policy into three separate policies: Trail Management Policy, Trail Use Policy, and Land Manager Relations Policy.
    • The Trail Management Policy will be drafted by Marty Costello, Walt Daniels (leader), Peter Hoh, Josh Howard, and Fred Stern.
    • The Trail Use Policy will be drafted by Bob Boysen (leader), Chris Connolly, Jane Daniels, John Mack, and Keith Scherer.
    • The Land Manager Relations Policy will be drafted by Estelle Anderson, Chris Connolly, Leigh Draper (leader), and Josh Howard.
    • John Magerlein will ask Chris Reyling whether he would like to join one of these groups.
  6. The next meeting will be a conference call on Monday, May 16 from 6:30-8:00 pm.