D7 Plannng

Web Design
Wed, 03/14/2012 (All day)
Groups audience: 

Walt, Bill, Marc, Josh, Melissa

Status of Minutes: 


  •  Josh and Walt are continuing to work on the Volunteer Sign Up
  •  Walt will fix the D6 Postage issue (we are 2 releases behind on Ubercart) {Walt: I think we agree to abandon the USPS shipping until D7, but to upgrade Ubercart, with the USPS fixes and see how that works so we are on the latest release.]


  1. Walt will try to move D6 items into view 3
  2. Sign-ups: Walt will throw more code/questions into sign-ups
  3. Bill will list steps for the set-up of the D7 test site
  4. Walt will save D6 database and try to convert to D7 and send us a link when ready to view


Next meeting is Wednesday the 21st @ 10:00am. I have been very busy lately, but will try to send out minutes right after the meeting this week.